Red Oni (Bravely Second)

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Red Oni
Kana アカオニ
Romaji Aka Oni
Class Humanoid
Weakness Light
Learning None
Game appearances Bravely Second

Red Oni is a humanoid class Troll-variant enemy that appears in Bravely Second. It has two, more powerful versions: Ogre and Gargantua.


[edit] Description

[edit] Location

[edit] Stats

Max HP /20,400
P.Atk /510 P.Def /34 Aim /107
M.Atk /187 M.Def /85 Evade /13
INT /85 MND /85 SPD /68

[edit] Abilities

Name Description
Roughhouse Fire off three physical attacks to all enemies, which have a chance to cause the status ailment dread. A random enemy is chosen for every attack.
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