Pilgrim's Grove

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Pilgrim's Grove
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Kana 巡教の森
Romaji Junkyō no Mori
Region Eternia

Pilgrim's Grove is a dungeon that appears in Bravely Second: End Layer. Located east of Gathelatio, these woods connect the Seat of the Orthodoxy to the city of Eternia.

During the olden days, this forest was known to be a place of rest for pilgrims and anyone on their way to the Earth Crystal, thus it was named "Pilgrim's Grove." But according to Janne Angard, this woodland's true name is "Martyr's Grove," as plenty of holy men were killed here, as well as the remaining Eternian royal family members, by those who opposed the Crystal Orthodoxy.

The recommended level is 1 to 5.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] All Sections

  • Appling
  • Battlehopper
  • Rabbie

[edit] Southeast

  • Troll

[edit] Southwest

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