Norende Village

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Norende Village
Japanese Name ノルエンデ村
Region Caldis

Norende Village is the hometown of Tiz Arrior and where the Great Chasm appeared.

[edit] D's Journal

This small settlement is situated in the Norende Heights that scretch across the continent of Caldis. Its people are primarily involved in forestry as well as animal husbandry that makes use of the expansive mountaintop plains across the region. The narrow byway that runs alongside Norende Ravine at the upper reaches of the Caldis River is little used, even by the locals, for it is dim and dangerous even by day.

[edit] Notable Locations

  • Great Chasm
  • Canyon Road: A narrow byway created long ago along Norende Ravine at the upper reaches of the Caldis River. It is the sole route to the site of Norende Village now that the main road to the north has been cut off by the Great Chasm.

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