Khamer & Profiteur Merchantry

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K&P Merchantry
Khamer & Profiteur Merchantry.png
From left to right: Jackal, Khamer VIII, Profiteur and Khint
Kana マヌマット・ボリトリィ商会
Romaji Manumatto・Boritorii Shōkai
Operating Base Ancheim
Game Appearances Bravely Default

The Khamer & Profiteur Merchantry, or simply K&P Merchantry, is an organization that appears in Bravely Default. The group is composed of Eloch Quentis Khamer VIII, Erutus Profiteur, Jackal and Ciggma Khint. Established in the world-renowned industrial nation of Ancheim, the aim of the group is to discredit Crystalism and those who still believe in it by monopolizing the water supply and raising the prices for access to it.

[edit] Story

After the wind stopped blowing, Khamer VIII, king of Ancheim, forced his people to turn the turbines by hand to secure the power to revive his nation's industrial sector. Meanwhile in the country's water situation, Profiteur either asks the people to pay the ridiculously high price of the water, or go to the oasis for drinking water. People aren't given much of a choice so they forced to go to the oasis, but that is just another of Erutus' plans. He orders Jackal and his bands of thieves to steal the valuables of anyone who goes to the oasis. Khint acts as the messenger and bodyguard of the other members. This combination of hardships eventually led to the disheartening of the people, but that didn't stop them from following Crystalism.

Annoyed by his people's faith instead of joining the march for progress, Khamer grew to hate the vestals and plotted to direct the force of his subjects’ dissatisfaction away from himself and towards them. But Agnes returns from the Temple of Wind and invokes the wind back, thus ending the forced labor of the people. Vexed and embarrassed, the king confined himself to his chambers. Prime Minister Harena announced that the king had died after a sudden bout of illness, and that he will temporarily lead the country.

[edit] Battle

Agnes' group headed to the oasis to stop the band of thieves from exploiting the people. In the Harena Ruins, the group confronts the leader, and Tiz was furious at the Jackal using his misfortune as an excuse to cause harm to others, having lost everything to the Great Chasm himself. A battle ensues between the party, and the Jackal and Khint, which ended in the thief's demise. The party finds documents ordering to attack those who came to draw water at the oasis, signed by Chairman Profiteur. Next the party confronts the Merchant of Death in the Merchantry building. Profiteur then showed his true colors and attacked the party, along with Khint. Abandoned by his bodyguard, the merchant met a pitiful death. Come evening, the party sneaked into the palace and saw Khamer VIII talking to Ciggma Khint. Having heard all the king's disappointments and dreams to kill the Wind Vestal, Agnes reveals herself to the two, and the final battle with the Merchantry begins. The two are defeated and the king spouted selfish drivel until his end.

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