Kaiser Oblivion

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Kaiser Oblivion
Emperor Oblivion.png
Official game appearance
Kana 皇帝オブリビオン
Romaji Kōtei Oburibion
Age JP.png
Affiliation(s) Glanz Empire
Yew Geneolgia
Asterisk Kaiser
Game Appearance(s) Bravely Second: End Layer
Voice Actor(s) JP.png Kazuya Nakai
NA.png Cam Clarke

Kaiser Oblivion is the main antagonist in Bravely Second: End Layer. He is a mysterious, masked man who commands a great might known as the Glanz Empire, and is the one behind the ravages of war that was caused by his powerful military force. He is often accompanied by a mysterious, black-apparelled fairy named Anne. His real name is Denys Geneolgia, and he is the holder of the kaiser asterisk.


[edit] Story

With anything but harmony on his mind, the mysterious Kaiser Oblivion’s forces launch an all-out assault during the signing of the peace treaty, and spirit Agnès Oblige away. With seemingly limitless forces at his command, the Kaiser continues to sow discord around the world from his terrifying floating fortress, the Skyhold.

[edit] Character Design & Personality

Kaiser Oblivion's prominent features are his white back-combed pointy hair, mask-covered face, and black and gold outfit. He is also wielding a broad, light-bluish sword, the Revolution, for the most part.

He is haughty, most likely because of the power he holds, to the point that he could say he is going to be the one to “deny all.”

[edit] Gallery

[edit] Trivia

Kaiser is the German word for "emperor." Oblivion could either mean a state of being ignorant of one's surroundings/actions, of becoming unrecognized by people or of non-existence. It could also be used to refer to amnesty or pardon from past sins.

Meanwhile, Denys may be a combination of deny and of the common name Dennis, which is based from Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, ritual madness and religious ecstasy. Geneolgia can be traced from genealogy, the study of families, so in a way, Denys's name can interpreted as "denies family."

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