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The Jackal
Jackal (BDFF).png
Kana ジャッカル
Romaji Jakkaru
Age 16
Affiliations Khamer & Profiteur Merchantry
Asterisk Thief
Game Appearances Bravely Default
Bravely Second

The Jackal is a non-playable character that appears in Bravely Default and Bravely Second. He leads a band of thieves who steals the valuables of anyone who goes to the oasis. He is a member of the Khamer & Profiteur Merchantry, and holder of the Thief asterisk.


[edit] Story

When he was young, Jackal was abandoned by his parents, but he was taken in by a master thief and gave him a place to belong, where he gradually rose up the ranks through his accomplished thievery and sheer recklessness. Eventually, he started his own band of thieves and they call the Harena Ruins their home. He was recruited by Erutus Profiteur, and ordered him to attack those who came to draw water at the oasis.

[edit] Character Design & Personality

  • Likes: water, isolation
  • Dislikes: Thirst, reasoning, raw vegetables

Jackal's most distinct features are his silver hair, black eyes, green scarf, brown pocket belt, black gloves and his signature weapon, the Highway Star.

His real name is not known, and he is constantly thirsty and irritated. Jackal can be very reckless, and he seems to show some respect for Ciggma Khint as he calls him chief.

[edit] Bravely Second

Template:Header/BS "His abrasive attitude can frighten those who do not know him, but there is something more to this diamond in the rough..."

Jackal appears in the Barter Sub-Scenario, along with Fiore DeRosa.

[edit] Gallery

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