Iron Man (II) A-Type

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Iron Man (II) A-Type
Kana Ⅱ号戦者A型
Romaji II-Gō-sen-sha A-gata
Class Inorganic
Weakness Lightning
Learning Beehive
Game appearances Bravely Second

Iron Man (II) A-Type is an inorganic class enemy that appears in Bravely Second. It has two variations: Panzer II Type B and Panzer II Type E.


[edit] Description

[edit] Location

  • Prologue to Chapter 4 -
  • Chapter 5 onwards - Grand Mill Works

[edit] Stats

Max HP 1732
P.Atk 180 P.Def 42 Aim 95
M.Atk 57 M.Def 26 Evade 11
INT 26 MND 26 SPD 20

[edit] Abilities

Name Description
Beehive Deal the same damage as a conventional attack to one target, and lower their P.Def by 25%.
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