Imperial Desert Blade

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Imperial Desert Blade
Kana 帝国砂漠剣兵
Romaji Teikoku Sabaku Ken-hei
Class Humanoid
Weakness Lightning
Learning None
Game appearances Bravely Second

Imperial Desert Blade is a humanoid class Imperial-Blade-variant enemy that appears in Bravely Second. It has two, more powerful versions: Imperial Front Blade and Imperial Guardsman.


[edit] Description

A female soldier of the Glanz Army Katana Regiment posted to the Harena region.

These are deadly and skilled fencers who cut down foes with dazzling flurries of their swords... But really, who cares about the sword stuff, when you know their unbelievable secret!

[edit] Location

  • Prologue to Chapter 4 - Grand Mill Works
  • Chapter 5 onwards -

[edit] Stats

Max HP
P.Atk P.Def Aim
M.Atk M.Def Evade

[edit] Abilities

Name Description
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