Great Chasm

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Great Chasm
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Japanese name 大穴 (Ooana)
Location Norende Village, Caldis Region
Game Appearances Bravely Default: Where the Fairy Flies

The Great Chasm is the calamity that appears in Bravely Default. It is what swallowed Tiz's village and it heralds many of the catastrophes that happen throughout the world, like the darkness surrounding the crystals and the seas running putrid and air becoming stagnant.

[edit] Story

After the void ate Norende Village, Tiz meets Agnès with Airy who came to investigate the chasm. Airy mentions that the vestal needs to reawaken the crystals to summon the Holy Pillar which will sweep away the darkness and banish the Great Chasm and so they set off to remove the darkness that lies in the crystals. They do so, but fails everytime until they realized the true nature of the chasm: the Holy Pillar pierces the bounds that hold the world intact and creates a link between another Luxendarc and appears there as the Great Chasm.

[edit] D's Journal

This gaping void opened up in the Norende Region, swallowing Tiz's entire village during a massive earthquake that shook all of Caldisla.

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