Geist the Bloody

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Geist the Bloody
Bloody Geist.png
Official game appearance
Kana ブラッディ・ガイスト
Romaji Buraddi Gaisuto
Age JP.png
Affiliation(s) Glanz Empire
Revenant Grace
Asterisk Exorcist
Game Appearance(s) Bravely Second: End Layer
Voice Actor(s) JP.png Takumi Yamazaki
NA.png Grant George

Geist the Bloody is a non-playable character that appears in Bravely Second: End Layer. His age, origin and real name are all shrouded in mystery, but Rev once called him Giest Grace. He is the holder of the exorcist asterisk.


[edit] Story

[edit] Character Design & Personality

Geist's most distinct features are his brown hair, carmine eyes, ashen skin and bloody white gown.

Geist's signature move is "undo," wherein he brings back what was once there. Damage by the enemy, and MP that has been consumed; go back a few turns prior and bring back what was once there. He would inflict damage and severe pain to an enemy, but would remove it afterwards, and only leave a memory of that pain. He would do this again and again until he breaks his enemy's spirit, and eventually he would implore death.

[edit] Gallery

[edit] Trivia

Geist is a German word for mind, spirit, or ghost. Grace is an unmerited divine influence given to humans for their regeneration (in the case of Rev) or salvation from sin (in the case of Geist.)

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