Eternian Sky Knights

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Sky Knights
Eternian Sky Knights.png
Clockwise from top: Heinkel, Holly, Barras and Ominas
Kana エタルニア公国軍・空挺騎士団
Romaji Etarunia Kōkoku-gun・Kūtei Kishi-dan
Operating Base Caldisla
Game Appearances Bravely Default

The Eternian Sky Knights, or simply Sky Knights, is an army unit that appears in Bravely Default. The group is composed of Argent Heinkel, Barras Lehr, Holly Whyte and Ominas Crowe. After repeated attempts to persuade the Kingdom of Caldisla to convert to Anticrystalism, the Duchy of Eternia has dispatched the Eternian Sky Knights in an attempt to force change. Keen to capture an important symbol of the Crystal Orthodoxy, the Eternian Sky Knights set their airship’s course for Caldisla – and Agnès.

[edit] Story

In recent years, the Eternian Sky Knights have raided Caldisla and taken hostages. Four days before the Great Chasm holed up in Norende, Agnes arrives in Acheim to survey the gigantic hole, as suggested by the king of Ancheim, and it is most likely from him that the Duchy got word of the vestal's visit of Caldisla. The Duchy then sends Edea to capture Agnes. Waking up after a week of being unconscious, Tiz heads to the Norende Village, and there he sees the Vestal of the Wind, who is being targeted by Barras Lehr and Holly Whyte. After driving away the Eternian airship on the ravine, the black mage Ominas Crowe paid the Town of Caldisla a visit to try and make the vestal surrender herself, but to no avail; Edea found Ominas' methods to be low and demanded they withdraw.

After Edea joined the motley crew, Argent Heinkel commences an attack on the Caldisla Palace; he kills Owen and kidnaps the king. The party headed to the stronghold of the Eternian Sky Knights at Lontano Villa to rescue the kidnapped king, only to be confronted by Heinkel's underlings while Heinkel retreated to his docked airship, with the king in tow. The party managed to board the airship; however, it was a trap laid out by the Knights-Captain of the Sky Knights. After a tough fight, the party emerged victorious; the king was safe, and the airship Eschalot fell into their hands.

[edit] Battle

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