Council of Six

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Council of Six
Council of Six.png
From left to right: Victoria, Victor, Alternis, Braev, Lester and the sage
Kana 六人会議
Romaji Rokunin Kaigi
Operating Base Eternia
Game Appearances Bravely Default

The Council of Six is a delegation that appears in Bravely Default. The group is composed of Braev Lee, Alternis Dim, Victor S. Court, Victoria F. Stein, Sage Yulyana and Lester DeRosso, however, only the first four are active. The decision-making body of the Duchy of Eternia. It believes that crystals are treasures to be used for the good of humanity, rather than objects to be worshipped. As a result, it is actively trying to bring about a widespread boycott of Crystalism.

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