Ciggma Khint

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Bodyguard Khint
Ikuma Naerik (BDFF).png
Kana イクマ・ナジット
Romaji Ikuma・Najitto
Age 37
Affiliations Khamer & Profiteur Merchantry
Asterisk Spell Fencer
Game Appearances Bravely Default

Ciggma Khint is a non-playable character that appears in Bravely Default. A spell fencer who will do anything for money, working as a messenger and bodyguard for other Merchantry members. He is also the holder of the Spell Fencer asterisk.

[edit] Story

During the templar's uprising against the Crystal Orthodoxy fifteen years ago, Khint was a commander of the Eternian occupation forces. He turned his back on his old life to sword magic several years ago. Khint was reduced to a lowly bodyguard to pay for his daughter's treatment because of his refusal to share in the spoils fifteen years ago.

[edit] Character Design & Personality

  • Likes: Money
  • Dislikes: Talkative types, memories of his family

Khint's most distinct features are his dark sea green hair with two large, pony-tailed strands hanging down between his face, red Sultan Sash, and Spell Fencer clothes with red-tipped horns on a keffiyeh.

Just like Erutus, he will do anything for money, even becoming a lowly bodyguard, just to pay for his daughter's treatment. He can be stoic, even at the face of the jovial Ancheim king.

[edit] Gallery

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