Bullet Ant

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Bullet Ant
Kana バレットアント
Romaji Baretto Anto
Class Bugs
Weakness Fire
Learning Blood Leech
Game appearances Bravely Second: End Layer

Bullet Ant is a bugs class enemy that appears in Bravely Second. It has two, more powerful versions: Bug Shooter and Barrel Paraponera, and also two variations: Killer Ant and Magic Ant.


[edit] Description

[edit] Location

  • Prologue to Chapter 4 - Harena Sea Caves
  • Chapter 5 onwards - Underflow 2F - East / 1F - West

[edit] Stats

Max HP
P.Atk P.Def Aim
M.Atk M.Def Evade

[edit] Abilities

Name Description
Blood Leech Absorb from one target an amount of HP equal to the damage dealt by a conventional attack.
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