Bravely Default: Fairy's Effect

Bravely Default: Fairy's Effect
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Alternative Title(s): BDFE
Developer(s): Square Enix, Silicon Studio
Publisher(s): Square Enix
Platform(s): Android, iOS
Release Date(s): JP.png March 21, 2017[1]
Genre(s): Fantasy Role-Playing Game (RPG)
Player(s): 1
Rating(s): Android: 12+[2]
iTunes: 9+[1]
Media: Downloadable APK file
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Bravely Default: Fairy's Effect (ブレイブリーデフォルトフェアリーズエフェクト, Bureiburī Deforuto Fearīzu Efekuto) is a freemium mobile game jointly developed by Square Enix and Silicon Studio. It was first teased via Twitter,[3] and then it was officially revealed on November 10, 2016.[4]


[edit] Story

The four major crystals—Fire, Water, Wind and Earth—have decorated the expanse of a certain land throughout eternity.

That land was known as Luxendarc.

First, it was only the Fire Crystal. Then, the Earth Crystal started losing power as well. An era of darkness fell upon Luxendarc.

This phenomenon was referred to as "The Collapse."

If, by some chance, you can go back to that time... the moment you stop moving forward... shall mark the genesis of true despair.

"Come, let us go. To a future full of hope that exists at the end of this despair."[5]

[edit] Gameplay

Bravely Default: Fairy's Effect is said to feature a "Time Shift" story system, in which the warriors of the past and the future are intertwined beyond space and time. "Light and Dark" and "Hope and Despair" are said to be the common themes of the game.[6]

Players are given the ability to freely roam the town of Al-Khampis, and communicate with and see the profile of other players. There are also several shops, like the Antique Shop and Beauty Salon, where players can exchange the coin they acquired for rare items and customize their characters, respectively.

In the Quest Reception Counter, players can accept quests to help them progress in the game. Once a quest has been accepted, the player is then sent to the fields where they can freely wander around too. However, monsters roam the fields as well, and hitting their icon initiates battle. In the event the player gets lost, they may employ an autoplay feature that will guide the character to where they need to go to clear the quest. Using autoplay has a consequence, though, since it will skip any items that are in the fields.

[edit] Battle System

The game also employs a new form of combat called "Brave Shift," and there are three important aspects that exist in this set-up: Order Shift, Active Time and Cooperative Play.

Battles continue to be turn-based in nature. However, characters are able to move within an area of three rows to avoid enemy assault or to receive support effects. Combat starts by tapping the target of an attack, and characters fight automatically using their equipped weapon(s). Character may change their equipment in the middle of the battle to efficiently overwhelm their enemies.

[edit] Job System

Currently, there are five jobs that exist in the world of Fairy's Effect:[7]

  • Knight - Shield bearers that are best situated in the front line. These tutelary units bear the burden of enduring enemy attacks to protect the party. Capable of self-reinforcement, knights can also equip greatswords and are stable attackers.
  • Black Mage - Plentiful in party-wide attacks, these offensive magic specialists have the fastest BP recovery. These black magic warriors can make short of enemies with flashy, powerful abilities.
  • White Mage - These healers are best at what they do best: healing and resurrection. They are good at lifting their allies' spirits up, and are a necessity for great teamwork. The presence of white mages become more important as opponents get stronger.
  • Ranger - Tricksters who dominate over status effects and unique skills. These archers are first-rate when it comes to weakening enemies with quick and accurate attacks. Their excellent attack and defense parameters make them crucial for enemy warfare.
  • Thief - Specialized in physical combat, these marauders are known for their speed, firepower and evasion. They also possess the ability to instantly tear down their foes.

[edit] Characters

  • Rinne (voiced by Yūko Minaguchi) - A cryst-fairy that can be encountered in the deepest part of the Ancient Archives. This mysterious being accompanies the protagonist in their journey.
  • Liz (voice by Rie Takahashi) - Ace's Sister. She serves Windonia the Gale Faction with her brother. Though she lived a shabby life, she is admired by all the soldiers of Windonia for her strong personality.
  • Ace (voice by Takuya Eguchi) - A young officer of Windonia. He may be frivolous, but his attitude lifts everyone's spirit. To counter the Irontroop Alliance, he left for the Ancient Archives to investigate.
  • Leigh Cook (voice by Ryōhei Kimura) - Serving as an officer for the mighty Irontroop Alliance, he led the militia that pushed Ripplowell, his hometown, to destruction. He was designed by Arina Tanemura.
  • Julianise (voiced by Marina Inoue) - She is the daughter of the prestigious Tikov family, and a pious devotee of the Crystal Orthodoxy. She earnestly tended to the protagonist when they collapsed in the desert. She was designed by Hiro Mashima.
  • Mist (voiced by Kaori Nazuka) - A self-proclaimed beauty, she appeared before the protagonist in a highly domineering manner, and she's also quite prideful in speech and in conduct. She was designed by Takeshi Okano.

[edit] Additional Info

[edit] Beta Test

Right after the game was officially unveiled, a closed beta test was made available for Android devices on November 14, 2016, and anyone with a Square Enix Members account was eligible to participate in it, on a first-come, first-served basis. The testing lasted until November 22. It was noted that any progress made in the beta test will not be transferred over to the main game.[8]

[edit] Early Play Bonus

Players who start playing game around the time of the game's release can get their hands on 1.) the Chompette's Coat, considered a very rare item and 2.) 150 Mythril pieces, which is equivalent to 10 Gacha tries.[6]

[edit] Game Requirements and Details

[edit] Android

  • Required OS: Android Jelly Bean 4.3 or later[2]
  • Content Rating: Horror[2]
  • Interactive Elements: Users interact[2]
  • In-app Products: ¥120 - ¥9,800 per item[2]
  • Permissions:[2]
    • In-app purchases
    • Photos/Media/Files
    • Storage
    • Other

[edit] iOS

  • Compatibility: iOS 9.0 or later; iPhone, iPad and iTouch[1]
  • Size: 27.7 MB[1]
  • Rating: Rare / Mild Anime or Fantasy Violence[1]
  • In-app Purchases:[1]
    • Mythril 6 pieces - ¥ 120
    • Mythril 25 pieces - ¥ 480
    • Mythril 55 pieces - ¥ 960
    • Mythril 115 pieces - ¥ 2,000
    • Mythril 175 pieces - ¥ 3,000
    • Mythril 285 pieces - ¥ 4,800
    • Mythril 588 pieces - ¥ 9,800

[edit] Gallery

[edit] References

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