Bloodrose Legion

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Blood Rose Legion.png
Clockwise from top: Fiore, Artemia, Einheria and Mephilia
Kana ブラッドローズ特務隊
Romaji BuraddoRōzu Tokumu-tai
Operating Base Florem
Game Appearances Bravely Default

The Bloodrose Legion, or simply Bloodrose, is an army unit that appears in Bravely Default. The group is composed of Fiore DeRosa, Einheria Venus, Mephilia Venus and Artemia Venus. The Bloodrose Legion is a special corps sent from the Duchy of Eternia to corrupt the people of Florem with the ideals of Anticrystalism. To conceal its presence in Florem, where only women are allowed to reside, the legion is made up entirely of female members – with the notable exception of its leader.

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