Black Blades

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Black Blades
Black Blades.png
Top row: Barbarossa
Second row from left: Kamiizumi, Qada
Bottom row from left: Kikyō, Praline
Kana 黒鉄之刃
Romaji Kurogane no Yaiba
Operating Base Eisenberg
Game Appearances Bravely Default

The Black Blades is a military group that appears in Bravely Default. The group is composed of Nobutsuna Kamiizumi, Hayreddin Barbarossa, Konoe Kikyō, Qada and Praline à la Mode. Four years ago, a fringe faction called the Swordbearers attempted a coup against the ruling Shieldbearers of Eisenberg. As the Swordbearers were sympathetic to the Anticrystalist cause, the Duchy of Eternia dispatched the Black Blades to assist in their struggle.

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