Bahamut (Bravely Default)

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Bahamut, King of Dragons
Location Ruins of Centro Keep (Chapter 7)
Class Dragonkind
Weakness Water
Affiliations Ominas Crowe
Game appearances Bravely Default
Bravely Second

Bahamut (バハムート) is an optional enemy in Bravely Default and Bravely Second. It always appears with Ominas Crowe and serves as his faithful servant.

[edit] Design and Personality

Bahamut appears as a regular Fire D'gon, but with an appetite. It is also charming and friendly.

[edit] Stats

Max HP 15,000 Max MP  ?
P.Atk 160 P.Def 48 Aim ?
M.Atk 64 M.Def 32 Evade 21
INT 32 MND 32 SPD 16

[edit] Abilities

Bahamut uses Pico Flare and Femto Flare as its primary ways of dealing damage, but it can also perform a regular attack.

Name Description Game/Chapter
Pico Flare Deals a very high physical fire damage to one target. BD/Chapter 7 onwards
Femto Flare Deals a very high physical fire damage to all enemies. BS/Chapter 5 onwards
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