Ba'al ii; Redshirt

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Ba'al ii; Redshirt
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Kana 第二天魔王;赤服
Romaji Dainiten Maō; Aka-fuku
Family Demonkind
Drop Elixir
Steal Normal: Elixir
Kai: Intelligence Bun
Golden Kai: Unearthly Bun
Weakness Water, Wind, Darkness
Learning None
Game appearances Bravely Second: End Layer
Designer Noro Držiak

Ba'al ii; Redshirt is an optional enemy in Bravely Second: End Layer. It appears as a Ba'al in Magnolia's hometown, Fort-Lune.

[edit] Appearance

Redshirt initially appears as a red Christmas Tree with three candles on its base, but then the candles disappear, the branches move to its back while the Christmas lights move towards its neck, and the candles reappear at the top with its faceless head. Redshirt's head looks to have been made from melting wax, featuring its void mouth and a goatee-like appendage.

[edit] Abilities

Name Description
Aperitif Cause the status ailment gluttony to all enemies, where all damage are absorbed for six turns. If the amount of HP recovered is around two-thirds of the max HP, the character will Overflow and heavily damage themselves for more than the amount of damage that was healed. Note that HP is recovered even in Spring Awakening.
Plat de Jour Restore an amount of HP equal to half the damage dealt by a conventional attack to all enemies.
Granita Cancel the support effects regen, stop, reflect, reraise, as well as those that nullify status ailments, raise/lower stats, abate/nullify elements or make targets weaker to them, absorb damage, or are imparted by warhead, and make all enemies vulnerable to water.
Illumination Unleash a physical attack on all enemies.
Vichyssoise Unleash a water-based physical attack on all enemies.

[edit] Locations

  • Overworld (Ch 4)
  • Fort-Lune

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