Anzu (Bravely Second)

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Anzu (Bravely Second)
Kana アンズー
Romaji Anzū
Class Aerial
Weakness Wind
Learning Sonic Boom
Game appearances Bravely Second

Anzu (Bravely Second) is an aerial class enemy that appears in Bravely Second. It has two, more powerful versions: Chimera and Regulus.


[edit] Description

[edit] Location

  • Prologue to Chapter 4 - Kustra Archipelago
  • Chapter 5 onwards - Kustra Archipelago, Underflow 2F - West

[edit] Stats

Max HP 750
P.Atk 112 P.Def 7 Aim 93
M.Atk 35 M.Def 16 Evade 20
INT 16 MND 16 SPD 15

[edit] Abilities

Name Description
Sonic Boom Unleash a wind-based physical atttack to one target that ignores their physical defense.
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