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Anne (Bravely Second).png
Official game appearance
Kana アンネ
Romaji Anne
Age JP.png
Affiliation(s) Glanz Empire
Game Appearance(s) Bravely Second: End Layer
Voice Actor(s) JP.png Hiromi Tsuru
NA.png Eden Riegel

Anne is a non-playable character in Bravely Second: End Layer. Like her late sister Airy from Bravely Default, she is a cryst-fairy, and is the companion of Kaiser Oblivion always seen by his side.


[edit] Story

[edit] Character Design & Personality

Being a fairy, Anne is humanoid in appearance with two pairs of wings and a small stature. Her wings are black with a row of white spots, and she possesses blue eyes. Her hair is white with bottom highlights, and she has a pair of strands on the top of her head that look like antennae.

Unlike Airy, Anne is a cold-hearted fairy and has no problems expressing it. She seems very loyal and obedient to Kaiser Oblivion, and ready to do just about anything to help make his plans come into fruition, but her true nature is revealed to be similar to Airy's traitorous identity.

[edit] Gallery

[edit] Trivia

Anne is an alternate form of the Latin name, Anna, which in turn is derived from the Hebrew name, Hannah, meaning "graced/favored by God."

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