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Kana アマテラス
Romaji Amaterasu
Element Light

Amaterasu is a summon that appears in Bravely Second: End Layer.

[edit] Design

Amaterasu appears as large, translucent woman-like figure. Its neck is long and slender and what appears to be its head is shaped like a crown. Its shoulders are connected by a sash that goes over its head, and its arms are flared with no visible hands.

[edit] Locations

  • Bravely Second - Snowy islands northeast of World Map

[edit] Users

Job Cost Description
Summoner 60 MP Restore an amount of HP equal to 300 times the conventional amount. Note that this magic is not affected by reflect and will damage undead enemies.
90 MP Raise the potency of your healing spells by 200% for ten turns.

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