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Artwork of Airy
Age Unknown
Home Unknown
Affiliation Agnès Oblige
Game appearances Bravely Default: Where the Fairy Flies

Airy is a non-playable protagonist that appears in Bravely Default.

[edit] Bravely Default

Airy is a Crystal Spirit that accompanies Agnès Oblige on her journey from the very start. Her role is to make sure that the Destroyer of Uroboros is able to arise. Once the team has outlived their usefulness she assumes her more monstrous form which reveals the existence of Uroboros. Though disbanded by the team to the Aurora of Darkness, Airy takes in the power of Uroboros and assumes her Complete form to battle the group for the final time.

In an alternative ending when Agnès tries, instead, to destroy the Wind Crystal, Airy is forced in to revealing her true form and attacks the team. They later destroy her at the Aurora of Darkness, unaware that Uroboros has been awakened.

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