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Yoko (Human).png
Yōko as a human
Kana ヨーコ
Romaji Yōko
Age JP.png
Affiliation(s) House Geneolgia
Seven Great Sins
Family Boss, Humanoid
Asterisk Yōkai
Game Appearance(s) Bravely Second: End Layer
Voice Actor(s) JP.png Aya Suzuki
NA.png Mela Lee

Yōko is a non-playable character that appears in Bravely Second: End Layer. She has been a long-standing target of the Planeswardens, and holder of the yōkai asterisk.


[edit] Story

In Chapter 6, the party visited the Vampire Castle only to see the door unlocked. When they reached the hall before the stairs, they saw a painting of Yōko, then suddenly she appears to welcome them. She told a story about the true name and purpose of the castle, and asked the warriors of light if they were brave enough to face the truths hidden within the keep, to which they nodded affirmatively. She asked they climb the upper floors and prove themselves worthy, and warned Tiz Arrior of the inability to avoid enemy encounters.

On the second floor illustration area, the party saw Yōko and she revealed the first truth: the tale of the Ambitious Man. It tells the story of when Yōko first went to a deep slumber, but when she awoke, she saw a man, an ambitious one, who explored the shrine where she was sleeping. Twenty years after, another ambitious man came to visit Yōko. The second man brought a little girl with her, and sealed Yōko inside her, so that he could plunder the treasures that were offered to Yōko throughout eternity. With his goal achieved, he sailed for Gathelatio, and brought the girl who was hosting Yōko with him, unaware of the epidemic within her. The young child developed a fever, and forced the fleet to stop at the nearest port. The gentleman, wanting to continue sailing and bring the girl and his treasures with him, pleaded to the church to quarantine the girl, who he believed contracted a deadly disease, and to allow him to set sail again. The church, unable to reach an agreement, sent for an exorcist who went by the name of Geist, and asked him to remove whatever was inside the girl's body. The ritual was performed, and the fleet, allowed to sail for Gathelatio, unknowingly spread the foundation of a great malady. Yōko revealed the identity of the man who woke her up—Griede Geneolgia—astounding the warriors, especially Yew Geneolgia, but he received his father's log where it is supposed to tell the same story as Yōko's. She bid them farewell and told them to reach the floor above for the next truth.

On the third floor, Yōko told of the second truth: the tale of the Sinful Ruling. The grandfather, actively resisted his granddaughter's moving and wanted to further delay the fleet's sail, but Griede tried to stop him. Nevertheless, they could not stop Geist from reporting the girl's health to the church's Office of Public Health, which mandated the quarantine and travel ban of the child. A young cleric by the name of Braev Lee appealed to his superiors to use the church's vaunted medicine for the girl's treatment, to which Griede followed suit, and the fleet was granted permission to sail after the higher-ups and grandfather changed their minds. Continuing their expedition, the fleet advanced towards Gathelatio while docking in several ports, paving the way to the spread of the disease. Only when they reached the third continent did they heard news of the Plague's onset in the first port they docked at. Griede made the decision to poison and kill every man on the fleet, and one by one, the men died and were claimed by the sea. Griede alone reached Gathelatio, and salvaged enough treasure to raise the church's wealth. His status within the church rose for his donations, and he was blessed with his first child, Denys Geneolgia, the year after and a little before the Great Plague came to Eternia. Yōko hands more records of Griede's tale, and once again await above for the next truth.

On the fourth floor, Yōko relates the third truth: the untold story of the Great Plague. The first few who fell to the Plague were from the Gravemark Village, where mourners lamented and cried for the departed until they perished themselves. Braev called to his superiors again, but this time it is to use the Earth Crystal to treat the sick, yet he was denied and the church chose to abandon the refugees instead. Infuriated with their decision, the priest resigned from his position, but not before he fulfilled his duties: to ensure Norzen Horoskoff would be given full authority on the research of the Plague, and to place associates in key positions to act as his eyes on the actions of the church. Eventually, the Great Plague expired, but only because it didn't have any more lives to conquer. The Second Pandemic marked the new beginning of death and despair all over the world, as a new strain of the disease emerged, and thus Norzen and his team fought a hard battle to oppose this recent pestilence. Their study was so intense that many researchers gave up their lives for the cause, and Norzen even lost one of his senses in the process of testing remedies. One of the researchers, Minette Napkatti's mother, found out cats are immune to the disease and this denoted offset of the disease, so she transferred antibodies to her daughter before passing away. Her findings paved way to a vaccine that ended the Second Pandemic. Yōko bestowed another log, and narrated the fall of the church and the Grand Ritual it attempted to do to regain control, and the actions Braev took to stop it.

On the fifth floor, Yōko told of the fourth truth: the Trials of the White Lion. Braev's actions led for his revolution to take control of the Eternian capital and the Temple of Earth, and caused the disbandment of the Crystalguard by orders of none other than Griede. He did this for the safety of his family and of his closest comrades, but his decision compromised others. His and House Camlann's Disbander Faction sought to destroy families who wanted to keep the order intact, and one of those was House Balestra, led by Jerome Balestra, Janne Angard's father, who was known as a very skilled swordsman. The man fought courageously, triumphing over waves of warriors from House Geneolgia and Camlann, but in the end, it was in vain, as manors and houses were burned down. Before breathing his last, he entrusted his son, Janne, to a loyal squire named Angard. Meanwhile, a juvenile man named Nikolai Nikolanikov, who was leading one faction of the offensive, witnessed the outcome of his actions, felt remorse, but still, followed orders and continued to be in service of the Crystalguard. The Geneolgia and Camlann families vanquished their foes, and slowly raised their authority through donations that they pillaged from the fallen houses. With the Crystalguard disbanded, the unwaged soldiers took up thievery, and stole from villages that endured the Plague in nearby regions. Fearing collapse of order within the public, the clans of Geneolgia and Camlann established their own armies to deal with the bandits, and their militia grew steadily. Men who claimed to have obliterated the home of the witch that started the Great Plague advanced in rank. Yōko laid the blame on Griede for the cycle of tragedies that have ravaged the lands, and have ruined the lives of people like Janne, Nikolai and Bella, all for the renown and power of House Geneolgia. Unable to acknowledge the facts that have come to light, Yew fell to the ground in shock, but Yōko could only derive delight from Griede's story and hands the last log to the party before advising against climbing the further floors.

On the sixth floor portrait hall, they saw an illustration of The Sword of the Brave, and Yōko emerges out from the shadows to tell her own story. She described how she was once known as a yōkai, and declared of her sole desire: to change the world they lived in. She gave an account on true growth, and how those who have achieved it are the only ones capable of raising the world to the next layer. She instantly altered to her true form, and peeked inside Edea Lee's heart. Edea narrates her identity and how proud she was of her status, but forsook it because of how hard it was to take what the Duchy of Eternia was doing, and because she wanted her father's acknowledgement. Yōko bore deeper into Edea's heart, and revealed her true feelings, i.e., loneliness. The yōkai kept pressing Edea about a certain someone she loved but left her, not until Ringabel himself appeared, hugged the crying lady and brought her back to the present realm.

On the seventh and last floor, they saw another painting of Yōko, and Ringabel relates how he and his comrades—the Planeswardens—have fought this supernatural being. Confused, the party hears an explanation from Ringabel on the Planeswardens's job of overseeing countless planes, and how Yōko used the guilt and sins of people to bring about chaos. She is an "S-Rank Malevolent Spirit of Concern," and has been in Luxendarc for more than 4 billion years. Ringabel intended to defeat her, finally put a stop to her wrongdoings, and requested the help of the warriors, to which they said "yes" to without hesitation. The party confronted and did battle with Yōko, while Ringabel provided backup with special moves. Having been defeated, Yōko told of the final truth, and asked the party to look at the canvas behind the throne: the story of Foundar Geneolgia. Yōko recounted a tale of two travelers aboard a gleaming ship, who traveled from a different world, and were seeking for a way back to their own domain. She began to like them and guided their way home, but on the laboratory inside the ship, a rare infection from the travelers's world managed to combine itself with a deadly disease from Luxendarc. The seeds of the Origin Plague, the forerunner of the Great Plague, increased exponentially that no one could supervise it anymore, so Yōko brought it upon herself to contain the root of disease inside her, ask the voyagers to seal her, and go into slumber. She laid dormant for eons, and as time went by, people started believing a god lived inside the cave where she rested, so they built a shrine at its entrance. Yōko continued to sleep through the rise and fall of a certain dynasty until Foundar came to visit her some 2,400 years ago. He heard her story, and while he admitted he was incapable of helping her at the present, he assured that a descendant of his will find a cure for the disease and free her of the curse, as tears filled his eyes. Yōko drifted back to sleep, wishful of Foundar's words, but this latest slumber lived short, as Griede went to see her two decades after his forefather's. Flattered, Griede thought himself to be the savior of the creature and meant to bring her to Gathelatio to find a cure, but the Plague escalated rapidly so he dropped her and the others into the sea, eyes brimming with tears, in hopes of saving Gathelatio, Eternia and all of humanity. Yōko closed her eyes once more, and as the sea took her, she heard Griede shout, "I shall put an end to this foul plague!" Following these events, Griede became cold-hearted, as if his heart sunk below the depths that swallowed his ships, the girl, and the treasures as well. Still, Yōko said she was grateful to both men of ambition. To Foundar because he woke her up and she learned an old friend was well, and to Gried for his harsh decision that helped end the Second Pandemic. Before fading out, Yōko said she will also be watching with scrutiny how Yew will shape his own page in history. Ahead of his own departure, Ringabel entrusted Magnolia the task of defeating the Seven Great Sins since Yōko, who held jurisdiction over man's sins, is now gone, and the beasts are sure to run amock all over the world once more when they awaken. As soon as the last sin beast was defeated, Magnolia picked up a note from Yōko saying thanks for the croissants.

[edit] Character Design & Personality

As a human, Yōko's most distinct features are her orange and black yukata with two bells around her abdomen. She also adorns a traditional Japanese hairstyle, and a tail-like appendage on her back.

As a yōkai, she appears to wear pure white yukata with a line of red held on by two bells from her waist that narrows down, and another three lines around her forehead. The inside of her ears have the same red color, and behind her head are eight white tails tipped with gold, except the bottom-middle tail, which is surrounded by two rings before the tip. Her last, pure-white tail rests on her left shoulder.

[edit] Gallery

[edit] Trivia

  • Yōko (妖狐) could mean mystic or spirit fox, or simply foxy.
  • Yōko's human and true forms are based on the legend that kitsune (fox spirits) are able to shapeshift, and they may gain up to nine tails the older and more powerful they get.
  • The way Yōko was sealed in the young girl might be a reference to how a demon fox was also sealed inside Naruto Uzumaki.
  • Geist performing a ritual to remove Yōko from the girl's body is based on the belief that a fox spirit can be induced to leave its host body with exorcism.
  • Yōko's behaviors of stealing food (i.e., croissants) and terrorizing men in particular (i.e., Yew) are some of the commonly depicted evil that kitsune do.
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