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A warrior of light is a term often used to identify a protagonist. Being a common theme in the Final Fantasy series, the subject of warriors of light are adopted into the main Bravely games as well. These characters are either bound by a common or connected cause (e.g. to restore the light to the world, or to opppose a powerful being or calamity,) or chosen by a higher being. Commonly, there are four warriors of light who are controlled by the player.

[edit] In Bravely Default

In Bravely Default, the warriors of light are Tiz Arrior, Agnès Oblige, Ringabel and Edea Lee.

Tiz, whose hometown was destroyed by the Great Chasm, met Agnès while she was checking the site of the calamity herself. Vowing to revert the damage of the abyss before them, Tiz decides to join and protect Agnès on her mission. The two stay in the town of Caldisla when it was suddenly attacked by Ominas Crowe and his minions. The duo then plan to charge into the ruins where the black mage is staying, but Owen told them that no one is willing join them in their assault. Suddenly, Ringabel enters the scene and asks Agnès and Tiz if he could join them to the Ruins of Centro Keep. Agnès, suspicious of Ringabel's journal and words, reluctantly allows him to join their cause. After trekking the ruins, they finally see Edea, who happens to be in an argument with her commander. Ultimately, Edea reaches her limit and drags the trio into a fight with Ominas. They emerged victorious and, with a little encouragement from Ringabel, Edea shoves herself into the party.

[edit] In Bravely Second

In Bravely Second: End Layer, the warriors of light are Yew Geneolgia, Edea Lee, Magnolia Arch and Tiz Arrior.

Determined to rescue Her Holiness, Agnès, Yew embarks on a journey alone across the Pilgrim's Grove when he was attacked by Bella. Just in the nick of time, Edea shows up and saves Yew. The two decide to visit Eternia to meet with an old man who prophesized the attack on Yew. The old astrologian informs them of a way to revive another warrior of light, Tiz. Eager, the two progress to the Eternian Central Command, only to be welcomed by an army of Imperial soldiers. They opt going through the Gravemark Village to the east. There, they met Magnolia, a mysterious girl from the moon who is in the hunt for the Skyhold. Yew tells her that they make for the flying fortress as well, and asks if she wants to join their party, which she ecstatically says yes to. Having reached the empire-infested Central Command, the three sneak in to the room where Tiz was being kept, and deposit the stone they received from the old man inside Tiz's tank. They immediately fled to Edea's room, upon hearing Imperial troops. Magnolia notices the commotion outside, and returns to the circulation hub, followed by the other two warriors. Magnolia rids the room of Imperial troops, and picks up Tiz from inside the tank. She brings him back to the entrance of the Eternian base, and Tiz finally wakes up. The group informs him of Agnès' situation, and joins the party to rescue her without any hesitation.

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