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Current Project(s)

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  • Update tables on pages ☐
  • Complete Plot (Bravely Second)
  • Create location pages ☐

Bravely Second Enemy Abilities

Enemy Name Abilities - Description
Rabbie Jaw - Deal damage
Crab Appling Bad Apple - Poison one enemy
Ice Princess Beautaceous Blizzard - Deal minor water damage to all enemies
Frosti Reflect - Bounce back white, black, time, astral, holy and spirit magic to a random enemy
Imperial Guardspear Second Spear - Has a chance to perform an extra attack at the end of one's turn
Imperial Guardsaxe Double Damage - Deal two times the damage of a conven'l. attack
Superd'nought Bael Buzzsaw Gear - Deal damage to one enemy
Megaton Stomp - Deal earth damage to all enemies
Boiler Temperature Rising - Ready an attack
Crash Landing - Hurt yourself if power is lacking, and be paralyzed
Private Piddler Perforator - Deal damage and lower P.Def by 25%
Heat Boiler - Increase heat on Superd'nought Bael
Sergeant Sapp Blizz-Cannon - Deal water damage to all enemies
Death Pirate Double Damage - Deal two times the damage of a conven'l. attack
Monoceros Torpedo Drill - Deal damage while ignoring enemy defense[?]
Angelo OVO Panettone Reinforcements - Summon Imperial Katana Van and Imperial Medic Van
Imperial Katana Van Thorny Rose - 100% to counterattack, and deal damage
Decapacitate - Enemies with 10% or less HP will be put into K.O.
Lilith Tail Whip - Deal damage and has a chance to charm
Fire Drake Volcanic Fang - Deal fire damage to one enemy
Land Turtle Reflection Angle - Cast Reflect on yourself
Spin Attack - Deal earth damage to all enemies
Witchbug Sleep - Disable enemy action
Slayerbug Pheromone - Call three random Witchbugs and Slayerbugs
Witch Bewitched -
Iron Man (IV) E-Type Mirror Arrow - Reflect on all allies
Disinformation - Cause confusion on all enemies
Lightning Blast - lightning damage to all enemies
Imperial Sniper Guard Snipe - Deal damage to one enemy with perfect accuracy[?]
Iron Man (IV) A-Type Triple Burst - Attack one enemy three times
Rosalia Grand Fouetté - Attack one enemy three times
Enswathe - Paralyze one enemy
Adventurer Mass Slash - Deal a tremendous amount of physical damage to all enemies
Call Comrade - Revive Comrade from K.O. and restore all HP
Meteor Rain - Unleash four powerful four-hit non-elemental attacks that randomly target enemies. Note that this attack is not affected by reflect
Bird of Prey - Strike four times to random enemies
Comrade Protect Ally - If the Adventurer takes a single-target attack, Comrade will take the attack instead
Dispel - Cancel the support effects regen, stop, reflect, reraise, as well as those that nullify status ailments, raise/lower stats, abate/nullify elements or make targets weaker to them, absorb damage, or are imparted by warhead
Blind - Has a chance to cause the status ailment blind to all enemies
Adventurer's Friend - Raise Adventurer's BP by two[?]