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Priority refers to the order in which character actions are followed during a battle. Usually, the precedence of an action in a battle is determined by the Speed of a character using that ability. But an ability may have follow a different priority value, which can cause that action to always go before or after normal abilities.

Most abilities are ordinary, and have 0 priority. Abilities that always go before normal moves have increased priority. An example is the Ninja's Shippûjinrai. Abilities that always go after normal moves have decreased priority. An examaple is the Monk's Hidden Dragon. Abilities with effects that last an entire turn, such as the Bishop's Calm, have higher precedence to ensure that it is used at the beginning of the turn.

When two abilities have equal priority, the character with the higher Speed will act first. A character with the ability, Prescience, will have their status-raising moves given +1 priority.

[edit] Priority Abilities

[edit] Bravely Default

[edit] Bravely Second

Priority Ability
+6 Obliterate (immediately at the start of a turn)
+5 Calm
+4 Prescience
+3 Nothing Ventured, Squeaky Wheel, Before Swine, The Worm Turns
+2 Shippûjinrai, Darts, Ironclad
+1 Kairai, Utsusemi
0 Fight, Default, all other abilities, using items, running away
-1 Jump
-2 Maverick, Hidden Dragon
-3 Steady MP Recover (effect)
-4 Citadel (effect), Dawn of Odyssey (effect)
-5 Mist (effect)
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