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The story begins with a battle between a masked man, and a party of three knights and a lady, as he proclaims that he denies the world of Luxendarc. The young knight named Yew Geneolgia asks Agnès Oblige, the Pope of the Crystal Orthodoxy, to withdraw from the upcoming battle. However, she refuses to stand down and is intent to protect the Duchy of Eternia's and Orthodoxy's dream of peace. Anne, the masked man's fairy companion, enters the scene and mocks Agnès for her aggressiveness, and states that she and her master also had a dream—to destroy the Duchy and the Orthodoxy. Braev Lee accepts their declaration of war and beckons Alternis Dim to support him on his assault, but to no avail. Anne makes a fool of the Duchy's forces, and introduces her liege who will lead a revolution, the Kaiser Oblivion.

The Kaiser calls Agnès to his side and states that he plans to use her powers to contradict the world, but Yew resolves that he will protect the Pope and put a stop to the Kaiser's scheme, even at the cost of his life. Amused, the Kaiser challenges Yew's courage and the battle resumes. But even with Agnès' help, the main forces of the Duchy and Orthodoxy are helpless against the Kaiser's onslaught. Concerned for her knight's life, Agnès implores Yew to run away, but he says no, for he swore an oath to protect her. The Duchy does one last desperate attempt, but they are all brought to their knees. Agnès, who has been driven into a corner, uses her pendant to try to communicate with the other Luxendarcs, until she is interrupted by the Kaiser; her pendant, shattered into pieces. Set to finish the fight, the Kaiser unleashes a blinding light that knocks the party down, and grabs Agnès. With the last of his life, Yew dictates he will not let the Kaiser have his hands on the Pope, but with Anne's encouragement, the Kaiser bids Yew farewell and slashes him. The young knight let out a scream, and asks Agnès for forgiveness before going into complete unconsciousness. The battle ends with the party's fall.

[edit] Prologue: All for One, One for All!

[edit] Chapter 1

[edit] Chapter 2

[edit] Chapter 3

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[edit] Chapter 6

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