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pg (read as "pig") is a feature introduced in Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, and also appears in Bravely Second: End Layer. It is the primary form of currency in Luxendarc, and can be acquired in a variety of places, such as in treasure chests and on the ground, but the most reliable and common way of procurement is by winning against enemy battles. Other methods include exchanging chomper to pg in the Chompshire, selling items, and using the Merchant's Salesman, Big Pharma and Insurance abilities.

The More Money ability allows the player to earn 1.5x more pg in battle, while the equippable accessory Golden Egg mutiplies earned pg by two times at the cost of not earning any JP or experience. However, going through consecutive battles with the Bring it on! system can allow players to acquire as much as 999,999 pg in a single chain.

pg appears as gold coins with the letters "p" and "q" carved in the center. The reason why those are the letters carved is because in Japanese, pg is known as pq (read as "pique") instead. pg is never usually seen in actuality, except for when using the Merchant's abilities.

pg can be used to buy items and magic scrolls from shops, to rest in inns, to pitch a cottage from the Adventurer, and to use for the Merchant's Pay to Play, Pharmacy, Hedge Risk, Takeover, BP Drink and Payoff abilities.

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