Merchant (Bravely Second)

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Edea Lee (Merchant-Bravely Second).png
Kana 商人
Romaji Shōnin
Asterisk Holder Erutus Profiteur
Specialty More Money
Job Command Commerce

Merchant Merchant (icon).png is a returning job from Bravely Default, and one of the 30 jobs available in Bravely Second: End Layer. High-rollers who exploit the influence of coin in combat. Buy off bosses by using the Payoff ability and spending exactly 9,990,000 pg.

Exploit the influence of coin in combat

Good at both saving and spending money!
-Attacks and supports using wealth
-Favors staves and daggers

[edit] Statistics


Sword Axe Spear Rod Staff Dagger Bow
Katana Knuckles G.Sword Pistol Shield Helm Armor

[edit] Abilities

The Merchant's Specialty, More Money, makes it richer by boosting pg acquisition in battle.

Lv. Ability Class Cost Description
1 Pay to Play Command --- Spend your level ✕ 50 pg to raise critical rate
Spend your level times 50 pg to raise the target's critical rate by 300% for four turns.
[Single-target] [Duration: 4t]
*The upper limit for critical rate is 500%.
2 White Knight Support (Reaction) 1 slot Ally with most HP protects you when HP critical
The ally with the most HP protects you when you suffer a single-target physical attack while your HP is below 20%.
3 Pharmacy Command --- Purchase and use a recovery potion
Spend pg to purchase a recovery item and use it on a single target.
(Select the item you wish to use after selecting "Pharmacy.")
4 Salesman Command --- Make an enemy buy an item from you
Force an enemy to buy a consumable item from you at 2.4 times its regular selling price. Chance of success varies depending on the item.
5 More Money Support (Commands) 2 slots Earn more money after battles
Earn 1.5 times more money than normal after a battle.

Note that this effect does stack with similar effects from items, but will not stack from multiple characters possessing this ability.

6 Hedge Risk Command --- Spend pg to reduce damage for 5 turns
Halve the damage you suffer for five turns by spending money equal to half the damage.
[Self] [Duration: 5t]
7 Takeover Command --- Spend your level ✕ 50 pg to damage one target
Spend your level times 50 pg to deal damage to one target that is equal to the money you spent.
8 BP Drink Command --- Purchase and use a BP recovery potion
Purchase a BP recovery item and use it on one target.
Small BP Drink (restores 1 BP): 1,000 pg
Medium BP Drink (restores 2 BP): 10,000 pg
Large BP Drink (restores 3 BP): 100,000 pg
9 Big Pharma Command --- Heal the enemy and extract payment
Restore one enemy's HP and make the target pay pg equal to the number of HP recovered.
[Single-target] [Base Power: 30]
*The amount of pg obtainable from this ability is capped at 99,999 pg per battle.
*When fighting consecutive battles, this limit resets with each individual battle.
10 Payoff Command 10,000 to 9,990,000 pg Pay to have the enemy stop attacking
Spend money to buy off the enemy and end the battle. Note that you will still get the usual pg, experience, JP, and items.
11 Insurance Support (Reaction) 2 slots Obtain pg proportional to damage taken
Upon taking damage from enemy attacks, receive pg equal to half the amount of damage sustained.

A maximum of 99,999 pg per battle can be obtained using this ability.

When fighting consecutive battles, a maximum of 99,999 pg can be obtained for each individual battle.

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