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Mammon, Manifestation of Avarice
Kana マモン
Romaji Mamon
Family Family (Aerial).png
Drop(s) Elixir
Steal Turbo Ether
Weakness(es) Element (Fire).pngElement (Wind).png
Genome Drain Blizzaja
Learning None
Game appearance(s) BDFF, BSEL

Mammon is an optional enemy in Bravely Default: Where the Fairy Flies and Bravely Second: End Layer. It is one of the Seven Great Sins, and represents avarice (or greed.)


[edit] Appearance

Mammon initially appears as a winged girl with a large fur hat, until the deathly claw-like appendages on its back emerge. Above its fur hat are two pointy ears, and it wields a brown scepter. Mammon wears a long, black skirt that is red inside, and its wings, which are the same color as its hat, are tipped with red. The leg-like outgrowths on its back originate from a patch of darker feathers on Mammon's back, and the joint and claws are finished with a red color.

[edit] Location & Stats

[edit] Bravely Default

[edit] Bravely Second

 Location(s): Northwest of Florem after beating Yōko in the Vampire Castle
 Weak: Element (Fire).pngElement (Wind).png  Family: Family (Aerial).png  Max HP: 75000
 pg: 924  Exp: 4620  JP: 660
 Drop(s): Elixir  Steal: Turbo Ether  ATK: 225  DEF: 49  Aim: 99
 Genome Drain: Blizzaja  M.ATK: 98  M.DEF: 49  Evade: 32
 Learning: None  INT: 49  MND: 49  SPD: 37

 Location(s): Northwest of Florem after beating Yōko in the Vampire Castle
 Weak: Element (Fire).pngElement (Wind).png  Family: Family (Aerial).png  Max HP: 100000
 pg: 924  Exp: 4620  JP: 660
 Drop(s): Elixir  Steal: Turbo Ether  ATK: 300  DEF: 66  Aim: 103
 Genome Drain: Blizzaja  M.ATK: 132  M.DEF: 66  Evade: 33
 Learning: None  INT: 66  MND: 66  SPD: 50

 Location(s): Northwest of Florem after beating Yōko in the Vampire Castle
 Weak: Element (Fire).pngElement (Wind).png  Family: Family (Aerial).png  Max HP: 150000
 pg: 924  Exp: 4620  JP: 660
 Drop(s): Elixir  Steal: Turbo Ether  ATK: 450  DEF: 66  Aim: 106
 Genome Drain: Blizzaja  M.ATK: 181  M.DEF: 82  Evade: 33
 Learning: None  INT: 82  MND: 82  SPD: 50

[edit] Battle

Mammon will usually start its turn by using its signature move, Avarice, which steals 1 BP from each character. Afterwards, its assault will circle between Blizzaja, Death Claws and a normal attack. Once its HP drops to around half, it will start using Brave, and fire off two attacks per turn using the three previous moves. If it senses a character has any support effects or any stats raised to the maximum value, it will use Dispel or Stat Leech, respectively.

What makes Mammon somewhat troublesome is its Avarice since it can give it a chance to unleash a furry of attacks while the characters are incapable of even going Default. The only way to prevent it (the Bishop's Calm) is quite a costly method, so it is advisable that the player have two Calm + Mimic users. Its Death Claws is pretty nasty too, but its effects can be easily nullified with the help of the Guardian's Soul Mirror. It is recommended that one kill Mammon as soon as possible to prevent it from being too much of a problem. Be sure to use the Freelancer's Square One to remove the effects of a possible Stat Leech.

[edit] Abilities

Name Description
Avarice Absorb 1 BP from each enemy.
[All enemies]
Blizzaja Unleash a water-based magic attack to deal a tremendous amount of damage to all enemies.
[All enemies] [Base Power: 120] [Damage: 3.6x]
Death Claws Hit all enemies with a physical attack that deals twice the damage of a conventional attack.
[All enemies] [Damage: 2x]
Stat Leech Reduce the P.Atk, P.Def, M.Atk and M.Def of all enemies to the lowest level possible and raise your own P.Atk, P.Def, M.Atk and M.Def to the highest level possible.
[All enemies]
Dispel Cancel the support effects regen, stop, reraise, as well as those that nullify status ailments, raise/lower stats, abate/nullify elements or make targets weaker to them.
[All enemies]

[edit] Gallery

[edit] Trivia

In Christian demonology, Mammon is a prince of Hell, while in the Bible's New Testament, Mammon is commonly signifies money or material wealth, and greed.

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