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Leviathan, Manifestation of Envy
High Altitude Form
Kana リヴァイアサン
Romaji Rivaiasan
Family Family (Aquatic).png
Drop Elixir
Steal Turbo Ether
Weakness Element (Lightning).png
Genome Drain Blizzaja
Learning None
Game appearances BDFF, BSEL

Leviathan is an optional enemy in Bravely Default: Where the Fairy Flies and Bravely Second: End Layer. It is one of the Seven Great Sins, and represents envy.


[edit] Appearance

Leviathan initially appears in its High Altitude Form; four, blue ophidians hanging from the top of the screen. The serpents don't have any noticable eyes, but they have sharp snouts and three pairs of round gills around their necks. They also possess numerous tiny teeth and serpentine tongues.

While in its Magic Resist Form, Leviathan goes down to the surface and shows its UFO-like body that also resembles a spinning top. The coral-like roof of the body has a number of spikes with two glowing rings around them. Below the roof are windows that have the same orange glow as the rings, and structures suspended beneath that seems to have even smaller windows. Leviathan's gills give off the same light as well.

[edit] Location & Stats

[edit] Bravely Default

[edit] Bravely Second

 Location(s): Northeastern part of the moon-shaped island after beating Yōko in Vampire Castle
 Weak: Element (Lightning).png  Family: Family (Aquatic).png  Max HP: 75000
 pg: 924  Exp: 4620  JP: 660
 Drop(s): Elixir  Steal: Turbo Ether  ATK: 247  DEF: 49  Aim: 99
 Genome Drain: Blizzaja  M.ATK: 98  M.DEF: 49  Evade: 32
 Learning: None  INT: 49  MND: 49  SPD: 49

 Location(s): Northeastern part of the moon-shaped island after beating Yōko in Vampire Castle
 Weak: Element (Lightning).png  Family: Family (Aquatic).png  Max HP: 100000
 pg: 924  Exp: 4620  JP: 660
 Drop(s): Elixir  Steal: Turbo Ether  ATK: 330  DEF: 66  Aim: 103
 Genome Drain: Blizzaja  M.ATK: 132  M.DEF: 66  Evade: 33
 Learning: None  INT: 66  MND: 66  SPD: 66

 Location(s): Northeastern part of the moon-shaped island after beating Yōko in Vampire Castle
 Weak: Element (Lightning).png  Family: Family (Aquatic).png  Max HP: 150000
 pg: 924  Exp: 4620  JP: 660
 Drop(s): Elixir  Steal: Turbo Ether  ATK: 495  DEF: 66  Aim: 106
 Genome Drain: Blizzaja  M.ATK: 181  M.DEF: 82  Evade: 33
 Learning: None  INT: 82  MND: 82  SPD: 66

[edit] Battle

During its High Altitude Form, Leviathan only uses two moves, Envy and Blizzaja. One can utilize the Astrologian's Elemental Barrier to keep safe from Blizzaja, but be sure to use it regularly as Envy has a Dispel effect. Leviathan will always evade any form of physical damage, so it is recommended one bring some magic users to deal damage. It will not attack when it transforms into its Magic Resist Form, which it will do after three turns, so be sure to use that turn wisely for healing and preparation.

Its Magic Resist Form is somewhat deadlier as Leviathan can use some of its powerful moves during this time. It will assault with Bite, The Last Light or Consume Life for physical damage (the latter two of which hits all characters.) Consume Life can potentially be a problem since it has an instant death effect, so bring Safety Rings or use the Time Mage's Reraise beforehand. As implied, the Magic Resist Form practically nullifies all kinds of magic attack since it raises Leviathan's M.Def to 9999, but one may still bring a whole party of magic users by utilizing ways to pierce or bypass its M.Def, such as with the Wizard's Spellcraft Hammer and the Black Mage's Pierce M.Def. Waiting until Leviathan goes back to High Altitude Form (which it will do after another three turns) is also an option.

[edit] Abilities

Name Description
Envy Dispel all enemies' buffs, and lower their P.Atk, P.Def, M.Atk, and M.Def to the lowest level possible for 4 turns.
[All enemies] [Duration: 4t]
Blizzaja Unleash a water-based magic attack to deal a tremendous amount of damage to all enemies.
[All enemies] [Base Power: 120] [Damage: 3.6x]
Magic Resist Form Raise M.Def to 9999.
Bite Attack one enemy and deal twice the damage of a conventional attack while ignoring the effects of Default.
[Single-target] [Damage: 2x]
The Last Light Unleash an attack that hits all enemies and gets more powerful with repeated use.
[All enemies]
Consume Life Fire off four physical attacks to all enemies, which have a 50% chance to cause instant death each. A random enemy is chosen for every attack.
[Multi-target (random)]
High Altitude Form Evade all physical attacks.

[edit] Gallery

[edit] Trivia

In Christian demonology, Leviathan is a prince of Hell, while in the Old Testament, it is mentioned as a huge serpent or creature.

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