Hawkeye (Bravely Second)

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Kana トマホーク
Romaji Tomahōku
Asterisk Holder Aimee Matchlock
Specialty Ability Eagle Eye
Job Command Shamanism

Hawkeye Tomahawk (icon).png (known as Tomahawk in the Japanese version) is a new job introduced in Bravely Second: End Layer, and one of the 30 jobs available. Skilled in handling pistols, it can impart its full attack and various secondary effects.

[edit] Statistics


Sword Axe Spear Rod Staff Dagger Bow
Katana Knuckles G.Sword Pistol Shield Helm Armor

[edit] Abilities

The Hawkeye's Specialty, Eagle Eye, ensures its attacks always hit by raising its accuracy by 100%.

Lv. Ability Class Cost Description
1 Sidewinder Command 1 BP Unleash a powerful physical attack on all selected enemies. Selecting fewer enemies will increase the damage dealt.
1 enemy selected: x2
2 enemies selected: x1.2
3 enemies selected: x0.9
4 enemies selected: x0.8
5 enemies selected: x0.7
6 enemies selected: x0.6
2 Maverick Command 8 MP Attack at the end of the turn, but deal 1.25 times the damage of a conventional attack to the enemy with the lowest HP.
3 Warhead Command 16 MP Imbue your weapon with the element of your choice, increasing the damage it deals by an amount equal to the spell's power, as augmented by your M.Atk.
Elements imbued by other abilities and special moves will take precedence over this ability.
[Base Power: 20] [Damage: 1.5x]
4 Condor Command 8 MP Add an effect that ignores Default's damage reduction to a weapon that lasts for ten turns, and allows you to deal 1.5 times the damage of a conventional attack to a target in Default.
5 Harpoon Command 16 MP Enhance your physical attacks to ignore the target's physical defense for five turns.
6 Barrage Support 1 slot The damage you deal will rise with the number of offensive actions taken in a given turn. For each damage-dealing action performed, damage from subsequent actions will be multiplied by a factor of 1.1. If an attack failed to deal damage, no bonuses will be applied.
7 Eagle Eye Support 2 slots Raise accuracy by 100%.
8 Sparrow Command 8 MP Change the P.Atk power of the right-hand weapon to M.Atk and fire an attack that deals 4 times the damage of a conventional attack.
9 Rifle Lore Support 1 slot Raise arms aptitude for pistols to S.
10 Shrike Command 16 MP Shoot bullets up in the air and perform a physical attack that deals 1.5 times the damage of a conventional attack on the next turn.
11 Crossfire Support 1 slot Have a 25% chance of following up with an attack when an ally inflicts damage upon an enemy.

[edit] Localization Issues

Around November of 2015, a rumor of the original Tomahawk job getting a makeover in the localized version started making rounds on the internet when a promotional image from a Spanish store was uploaded and showed Magnolia wearing a cowboy hat, while using one of the Tomahawk's abilities.[1] Neither Nintendo nor Square Enix gave an official statement denying or confirming the rumor, but it was believed that both companies made the change to avoid offending Native Americans for the stereotypical depiction of Aimee's costume.

The name of the job was changed from Tomahawk to Hawkeye, and the Specialty ability from Hawkeye to Eagle Eye.

[edit] References

  1. "Bravely Second’s Tomahawk job class changed to a Cowboy for North American release". Ron Duwell, TechnoBuffalo. November 223, 2015.

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