Gravemark Village (Bravely Second)

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Gravemark Village
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Kana 墓標の村
Romaji Bohyō no Mura
Region Eternia

Gravemark Village is a village that appears in Bravely Second: End Layer. This ghost town was the hometown of Edea's parents, Braev and Mahzer Lee. The party also meets Magnolia Arch here.

[edit] Story

Years before, the Great Plague swept the land of Eternia, and claimed the lives of the villagers. Now, the town has been abandoned and serves as a graveyard for those whose lives were taken.

Fast forward to the present, when Yew Geneolgia and Edea learned of a way to revive Tiz Arrior from his eternal slumber, they immediately marched to the Eternian Central Command only to be welcomed by a great number of Imperial soldiers. They opted entering from the back door of the stronghold, but they needed to go through the Frozen Hollows first. They decided to go first thing in the morning, so they stopped over around the Gravemark Village.

A big noise came and woke up Yew. He checked the premises, and found that an airship has crashed inside the village. When he boarded the ship, he saw an unconscious person and used a magnolia flower to rouse her up. She wakes up, and Yew introduces himself to her, and she does the same afterwards. Yew introduced Magnolia to Edea, and once the three were acquainted and learned of Magnolia's goal, she joined the party.

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