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Favorites is a new feature introduced in Bravely Second: End Layer that allows the player to conveniently save Jobs, Job Commands, Abilities and Equipments in a single storage for later use, and lets them change their current set with one of the saved ones. There are 30 jobs and Job Commands in the game, 330 abilities, and more than 360 equipments, and going through them everytime you fight certain bosses can be a bit of a hassle. But with the "Favorites" feature, changing your current setup can be a piece of cake. "Favorites" lets you save up to 10 combinations, so storing a variety of character arrangements is easy breezy. Sets can also be renamed, so it doesn't get confusing what one set or another one is for.

To access the feature, go to the Start menu (press X or START) and then choose Tactics. A window will appear and the first option will be "Favorites." Click that and you'll be able to see the "Favorites" List. Every set lists a character's Job Lv. and Job at the top of the lower screen, equipped Job Command and Support Abilities on the left side, and the inherent Job Command, Specialty ability and equipments on the right side. Clicking on a set gives one the option to either apply it, replace it with the current set, copy, delete, or rename it.

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