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Supreme Ba'al Diamante (Concept Art).png
Kana ディアマンテ
Romaji Diamante
Family Demon, Boss
Rare Steal/Drop
Weakness Dark
Learning None
Game appearances Bravely Second: End Layer
Designer Sebastian Masuda

Diamante is a boss that appears in Bravely Second: End Layer. It is the mightiest of the Ba'al, and the destroyer of Fort-Lune.


[edit] Story

Prior to the actual events of Bravely Second, Diamante run amok on the moon, destroying most of Fort-Lune and killing almost every citizen. After that, it fled on Luxendarc, and took on a temporary form known as the Skyhold.

Before Anne could absorb the Holy Pillar again, Denys Geneolgia slashed her brooch in pieces. Just when the warriors of light thought they had her cornered, she suddenly calls on Diamante to annihilate them.

[edit] Appearance

Diamante appears as a huge, golden skeleton mounted on a glass unicorn. Its head is styled with long, green hair swarming with butterflies, while its upper body shines with numerous jewels. It has tattered bat wing-like arms, and different-colored ribbons stream from a portion of its lower body. The unicorn, which looks like a mosaic of mirrors, is fused with the lower body of Diamante.

[edit] Abilities

Name Description
Mirror Reflection Use 20% Mirror to block one attack and reflect it back to the enemy. If an ability or magic is used, it is reflected to a random enemy instead.
Mirror Stage I Recover 20% Mirror at the end of each turn.
Scintillation Unleash a 6-hit physical attack on random enemies.
Dispersion Attack one target, but disable their action for four turns.
Dispel Cancel the support effects regen, stop, reflect, reraise, as well as those that nullify status ailments, raise/lower stats, abate/nullify elements or make targets weaker to them, absorb damage, or are imparted by warhead on all enemies.
Brilliancy Unleash a powerful light-elemental magic to all enemies.

[edit] Trivia

Diamante is a Spanish word for diamond. It could also mean shiny or iridescent.

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