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The Crystal Orthodoxy is the dominant world religion in Bravely Default and Bravely Second: End Layer. It was born of the desire to reform Crystalism, the worship of Luxendarc's four crystals. It was 2,400 years ago that crystal temples across the world, along with their vestals and acolytes, were brought under the Orthodoxy's central control, creating a world religion that would change the course of history.


[edit] History

The Crystal Orthodoxy was born 2,400 years ago after the Adventist clergymen made calls to reclaim the crystals from kings and temples and administer them under a single religion. The process of approving the change from Crystal Adventism forced the Orthodoxy to put the Old Faith in a bad light, thus obliterating it from history. Lester DeRosso, an Adventist cleric then, was appointed as a cardinal of the new religion. A decision to elect a grand patriarch was made and cardinals throughout the world were asked to vote. Fraudulence took effect as the elected grand patriarch bribed others to secure the position and Lord DeRosso, who refused to take part in such corruption, was forced from the position of cardinal afterwards. At the height of their power, the Orthodoxy fabricated a lie that the king of Eternia wanted a return to Adventism and was preparing for war against it, so the Orthodoxy sent an order for a four-state coalition to besiege the castle of the Eternian king, along with the royal family's, killing Lord DeRosso's father, mother and people. The royal castle was set ablaze, but the Orthodoxy did not find Lord DeRosso's body, so they denounced the royal family as vampires, a rumor he gladly embellished.

After some five hundred years, the Orthodoxy started to lose it grip on the world because of the advancements in culture and science. The grand patriarch, fearing irrelevancy, made the decision to appoint Sage Yulyana High Inquisitor of the Crystal Orthodoxy and begin the task of eradicating those who oppose the religion. Lord DeRosso and Sage Yulyana would cross swords countless of times, and the very battles they waged changed the face of the earth. Their final battle was fought on the Norende Heights 1,800 years ago, ending in the sage's victory. But the truth is, an angel stopped their fight and told them of the future. When the angel passed away, the two decided to join forces to prepare for the coming doom.

Having put down the bane of the Crystal Orthodoxy, Sage Yulyana was named archbishop. At the time the Eternia highlands rose up, Sage Yulyana has put his plan in motion by separating the vestals and the faithful from the Orthodoxy's corruption. The second stage of his plot was to deprive the Orthodoxy of the power to grant vocations, a major source of profit through alms. Sage Yulyana exposed this fact and set a panic within high officials and the grand patriarch. It was then the sage proposed the use of Asterisks to grant vocations. The sage, being the only one with knowledge of asterisk craft, denied the Orthodoxy's funds and forbidden arms and armor, and fled into the Yulyana Woods, where he waited the deaths of those who knew him.

Twenty years before present time, a Great Plague struck the Gravemark Village killing most of the residents when the Crystal Orthodoxy forsook it "for the good of the city." Braev Lee, a young cleric at that time, left the Orthodoxy after being mocked and reprimanded for suggesting to use the Earth Crystal for purification and medical treatment. Sage Yulyana and Lord DeRosso joined forces with the former cleric and entrusted him with task to assault the temples and seize the crystals. In a final effort to regain their authority, the Crystal Orthodoxy conspired to perform the Grand Ritual, which lead to an argument between Lord DeRosso and the same cleric, whether to attack now or wait. Failing to reach a consensus, Braev Lee, along with his forces, struck the head temple of the Orthodoxy without the two. The head temple fell, the earth vestal was dragged out and slain by one of the guards, and the resistance surrendered. All of this led to the downfall of the Crystal Orthodoxy, and its headquarters was converted into Eternian Central Command.

[edit] Crystalist Teachings

"Dauntless seeker, offer your prayers unto the crystals. So, too, shall the vestal, in accordance with the teachings."

"Their resplendent light shall cleave a path through darkest night, and banish fear from every shadow."

[edit] The Orthodoxy's Decline

Though it was once a dominant world religion wielding power surpassing that of even the greatest kings, over time the Crystal Orthodoxy became ever less relevant in the face of cultural and scientific advances. And with the establishment of the Duchy of Eternia fifteen years ago under the banner of Anticrystalism, the Orthodoxy became even more irrelevant, and indeed, even forgotten among the people of most lands, save the few still friendly to the religion.

[edit] The Orthodoxy's Dark Past

The Crystal Orthodoxy was born 2,400 years ago as a peaceful reformation of Crystal Adventism, also known as the Old Faith. While the crystals were once held individually by kings and other powerful figures, they were brought together into the unified faith. But the need to legitimize the new institution soon led to a campaign to discredit the old, robbing Crystal Adventism of its rightful place in history.

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