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Cat Mastery (ねこ奥義, Neko Ōgi) is an ability introduced in Bravely Second: End Layer. It is innate to catmancers, but equipping the job command lets you use this while even in a different job. See also Catmancy. Below is a list of all Cat Mastery abilities:

No. Ability Effect Required Item Enemy-Location
1 Vigor Tonic Raise one ally's BP by one. Beast Flesh
Imperial Medic Van: Geyser Grotto
2 R.I.P. Deal a tremendous amount of damage on all allies and enemies who are in the sleep state. Note that this will not work on certain enemies, such as bosses. Roc Fillet
3 Slugger Deal the same damage as a conventional attack to one target, and knock them out of battle. Leviathan Sashimi
Gargantua: Via Celestio
4 Death Spiral Fire off four physical attacks to all enemies, which have a 50% chance to cause instant death each. A random enemy is chosen for every attack. Cat Feather
White Queen: House Geneolgia Crypts
5 Battle Royale Cause the status ailment berserk in all allies and enemies. Dragon Steak
Bahamut Monk: Via Celestio
6 Dragonlord Strike Deal four times the damage of a conventional attack to one target. Rare Cheese
7 Bone Crush Deal physical damage to each enemy that is equal to one's maximum HP minus current HP. Note that this will not work on certain enemies, such as bosses. Dried Remora
Skull Lancer:
8 Electrolysis Unleash a lightning-based physical attack on all enemies, and apply a weakness to fire-elemental attacks. Monoceros Flakes
Ba'al iii; Apparati: Fort-Lune
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