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Bring it on! is a battle mechanics introduced in Bravely Second: End Layer. A prompt asking the player whether they want to start a chain or not will activate if the player manages to defeat all enemies on the first turn, allowing them to get the chance to fight a new horde of enemies and gain bonus on loots. However, the characters' BP remain as they were at the time of the last victory. For example, if a Hawkeye uses Sidewinder to defeat all enemies on the first turn and the player opts to continue onto the next chain, the character will have -2 BP. It is the same if a Black Mage uses Fire and defeats all enemies. It will have one less BP and cannot perform an action on the next fight. So if all four of the player's characters have -1 BP, the chain will end because they will not be able to defeat the enemies in one turn, but every battle has an equal chance to trigger Brave Attack, allowing the continuation of the chain. Press the "L" Button to continue onto a chain, or "B" to finish the match.

The bonus is applied on experience, JP and pg, and they go up to 1.5x on the first victory. Then to 1.8x, 2.0x, 2.2x and so on. Bring it on! maxes out at ten chains, where the bonus multiplier will be at 3.0x. Any other continuation will have the multiplier stuck at that value. Battle chains are also capped at 99 encounters (i.e. the chain will automatically end by the 99th victory.)

There are also instances chain battles will activate randomly in battle. However, it will be preceded by a "Enemies lurk just out of sight" notice at the top of the lower screen, so players could play it safe and store some BP for the next battles, or run away since there is no way to prevent the second battle. Additionally, while the player cannot manually activate Bring it on! when using the Yōkai's Obliterate, they can still go through a second battle when the earlier notice appear.

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