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Bravely Second is a mechanics introduced in Bravely Default, and is the basis for the name of its sequel, Bravely Second: End Layer. When used in battle, Bravely Second allows the player to break from turn-based combat conventions and act any time by freezing time. It can be activated by pressing the START or SELECT button, and when activated, the battle field will turn white and black except for the player's characters.

Using Bravely Second will allow one character to attack a maximum of four times at a time, depending on the move it is using and if it requires Brave Point (BP) to use, but actions that normally cost BP will consume that many Sleep Points (SP) instead. Normal attacks, items and running away consume one SP each, and just like BP, you can take an advance on SP, but you won't be able to use Bravely Second while in the negative. So, for example, the player has 0 SP, they can still attack four times, and that'll put their SP to -4. But unlike BP, SP does not replenish every turn, so then, they'll have to wait and put their Nintendo 3DS system to Sleep Mode while playing the game for 32 hours, or they can also purchase SP drinks.

Another amazing thing to this feature is that it allows the player to break the damage limit of 9999 when performing an attack or magic. This limit break also works on healing, allowing one to restore over 9999 of HP or MP.

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