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"Taking an advance on future turns will drive your BP negative. You'll recover one per turn, but can't act until you reach zero. It's a high-risk, high-reward proposition. Use it wisely!" —D's Journal

Brave Point (often abbreviated as BP) is a mechanics introduced in Bravely Default, and also appears in Bravely Second: End Layer, that allows characters to attack each turn. Every turn, after all characters have taken their turn in the battle, BP will be replenished by 1. Due to this, Brave Points have the ability to stack on top of one another in battle, giving the characters more opportunities to attack in any given turn. Each move uses a minimum of 1 BP, however, there are exceptions to this as some abilities from differing jobs require the use of additional BP to be used.

By using the Default command, a character will not attack for a given turn and will guard themselves against enemy attacks instead. Due to the character not attacking that turn, no BP was used and as such when the turn is completed, they will receive +1 on top of their already existing BP. If, for example, the character had 1 BP and used Default, the next turn they would have 2 BP. Using the Brave command has the opposite effect, and allows a character to attack more than once a turn. While Default can only be used once per turn, Brave can be used a maximum of four times a turn, each turn using up 1 BP. Assuming the character had 3 BP and chose to attack 4 times, the character would be left with -1 BP which, on the next turn, will be replenished by 1 leaving them with 0 BP, enough for them to make one attack.

Brave Points also go into negatives. If a character has negative BP at the start of the turn, they will not be able to attack. While Brave allows a character to attack more than once a turn, it is not limited to how much BP they have. For instance, if a character only had 1 BP and chose the Brave command 4 times, they would be left with -3 BP at the end of the turn, which when receiving the +1 at the beginning of the next turn would leave them with -2 BP, rendering them unable to attack until it reaches 0 again. How a character uses BP in a battle will determine the outcome.

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