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Brave is a mechanics introduced in Bravely Default and creates half of the name sake of the game. It also appears in Bravely Second: End Layer. When in battle, using "Brave" will allow you as a player attack several times in one turn. Using it will allow you to attack a maximum of 4 times, depending on the move you are using and if it requires Brave Point (BP) to use, or how many times to select Brave.

The Brave command can be used to stack turns on top of one another. At the start of each battle, there is a 0 next to each characters name. These are the amount of times in which you can attack. 0 indicated that the minimum times you can attack is once. With each turn the amount of turns you can take is increased by one, and each attack you use in each turn reduces the number by one. For example, attacking once when your BP are at 0 will decrease it to -1, that will be replenished by 1 at the end of the turn returning it back to 0. If you have 3 BP and only attack once in that turn, you will be left with 2, which will again be replenished at the end of the turn and will return to 3. However if you have 3 BP and attack twice with it, this will leave you with 1 BP, at the end of the turn it will be replenished and you will now have 2 BP. Using Brave is the command to use more than one BP in a turn, and how many times you select it will determine how many times you can attack.

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