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Bismarck (Bravely Second).jpg
Bismarck in battle
Location Ancheim Sea Cave
Class Beast
Weakness Fire
Affiliations Kaiser Oblivion
Minette Goroneze
Game appearances Bravely Second

Bismarck (ビスマルク) is a boss that appears in Bravely Second. Kaiser Oblivion's pet, it accompanies Minette in battle.

[edit] Design and Personality

Bismarck is a gigantic lion that can use most Panther-Class abilities.

[edit] Stats

Max HP 5,000 Max MP  ?
P.Atk 130 P.Def 12 Aim ?
M.Atk 46 M.Def 53 Evade 21
INT 23 MND 23 SPD 23

[edit] Abilities

Aside from being able to use these abilities, Bismarck can also fire off a conventional attack.

Name Description
Chomp Has a 50% chance to reduce one target's HP to 1.
Dual Attack Unleash two physical attacks that deals 0.65 times the damage of a conventional attack and randomly strike enemies.
Roar Has a 50% chance to cause the status ailment fear in all enemies.
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