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Beelzebub, Manifestation of Gluttony
Kana ベルゼブブ
Romaji Beruzebubu
Family Family (Insect).png
Drop(s) Elixir
Steal Turbo Ether
Weakness(es) Element (Lightning).pngElement (Earth).png
Genome Drain Firaja
Learning None
Game appearance(s) BDFF, BSEL

Beelzebub is an optional enemy in Bravely Default: Where the Fairy Flies and Bravely Second: End Layer. It is one of the Seven Great Sins, and represents gluttony.


[edit] Appearance

Beelzebub appears like a gigantic, violet octopus with the face of a man. On top of its head is an orange-and-red crown, and the area around its forehead is lined with numerous veins. The color of its head is lighter compared to its mouth, tongue and tentacles, and inside its mouth are numerous rings of teeth. Its right eye is stitched shut, but the other eye is open and is yellowish in color, while the iris is of a stronger yellow color. Its hair, which is only visible when it uses Demon Eye, is white and tied with a ponytail, and two more pairs of eyes are located at the back of its head.

[edit] Location & Stats

[edit] Bravely Default

[edit] Bravely Second

 Location(s): East of Al-Khampis after defeating Yōko in Vampire Castle
 Weak: Element (Lightning).pngElement (Earth).png  Family: Family (Insect).png  Max HP: 75000
 pg: 924  Exp: 4620  JP: 660
 Drop(s): Elixir  Steal: Turbo Ether  ATK: 247  DEF: 49  Aim: 99
 Genome Drain: Firaja  M.ATK: 98  M.DEF: 49  Evade: 32
 Learning: None  INT: 49  MND: 49  SPD: 49

 Location(s): East of Al-Khampis after defeating Yōko in Vampire Castle
 Weak: Element (Lightning).pngElement (Earth).png  Family: Family (Insect).png  Max HP: 100000
 pg: 924  Exp: 4620  JP: 660
 Drop(s): Elixir  Steal: Turbo Ether  ATK: 330  DEF: 66  Aim: 103
 Genome Drain: Firaja  M.ATK: 132  M.DEF: 66  Evade: 33
 Learning: None  INT: 66  MND: 66  SPD: 66

 Location(s): East of Al-Khampis after defeating Yōko in Vampire Castle
 Weak: Element (Lightning).pngElement (Earth).png  Family: Family (Insect).png  Max HP: 150000
 pg: 924  Exp: 4620  JP: 660
 Drop(s): Elixir  Steal: Turbo Ether  ATK: 495  DEF: 66  Aim: 106
 Genome Drain: Firaja  M.ATK: 181  M.DEF: 82  Evade: 33
 Learning: None  INT: 82  MND: 82  SPD: 66

[edit] Battle

Beelzebub will usually start off by using Tentacles, Demon Eye, Firaja or Octowhip. Once its HP has diminished, it will apply gluttony to itself, and continue firing off Tentacles for 5 turns. On the last turn of its gluttonous state, it will unleash Acid Breath to deal a tremendous amount of damage to all characters, then its attacks will revolve around the four previous abilities again.

The Seven Great Sins don't pose much problem in general, but Beelzebub is possibly the easiest to defeat because of the predictability of its moves, and one can usually stay safe from its abilities by using the Astrologian's Astral Magic and Default. The moment it uses Gluttony, the player should deal as much damage as possible to make Beelzebub Overflow itself, but another strategy is to wait for the last turn of its Gluttony and use the Bishop's Calm to nullify Acid Breath's damage, and then pound it with attacks.

[edit] Abilities

Name Description
Firaja Unleash a fire-based magic attack to deal a tremendous amount of damage to all enemies.
[All enemies] [Base Power: 120] [Damage: 3.6x]
Demon Eye Has a chance to cause stop, confusion and dread on all enemies.
[All enemies]
Octowhip Unleash an 8-hit physical attack on random enemies.
[Random enemies] [Damage: 1.0x]
Tentacles Attack one enemy and deal the same damage as a conventional attack.
[Single-target] [Damage: 1.0x]
Gluttony Cause gluttony to the whole party, where all damage are absorbed for six turns. If the amount of HP recovered is around two-thirds of the max HP, the character will Overflow and heavily damage themselves for more than the amount of damage that was healed.
Note that HP is recovered even in Spring Awakening.
[All allies] [Duration: 6t]
Acid Breath Attack all enemies with a physical attack that deals twice the damage of a conventional attack, and lower their P.Def and M.Def to the lowest possible level for four turns.
[All enemies] [Damage: 2x] [Duration: 4t]

[edit] Gallery

[edit] Trivia

In Christian demonology, Beelzebub is a prince of Hell, while in Biblical sources, Beelzebub is considered an alias of the devil. Beelzebub is understood to mean "lord of the flies."

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