Ba'al vi; Snowcap

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Ba'al vi; Snowcap
Ba'al vi; Snowcap.png
Kana 第六天魔王;白山
Romaji Dairokuten Maō; Hakusan
Family Family (Inorganic).png
Drop(s) Elixir, MP Booster Bun, Unearthly Bun
Steal(s) Arctic Wind, Unearthly Bun
Weakness(es) Element (Fire).png
Learning None

Ba'al vi; Snowcap is an optional enemy that appears in Bravely Second: End Layer. It also appears as a Nemesis in Magnolia's hometown, the Fort-Lune. Ba'al vi; Snowcap was designed by Noro Držiak.


[edit] Appearance

Ba'al vi; Snowcap is a large, white monster resembling a tank and a snowy mountain. Its head, which looks like an ice skate turned upside down, doesn't have any visible eyes, and it has a large mouth filled with numerous sharp fangs. Blood drips from its mouth down to the neck, and it has ski poles for arms. Over its back are several skis, and it uses caterpillar tracks for movement.

[edit] Story

Ba'al vi; Snowcap is the physical manifestation of Vega's memory of when she first met Altair at a ski resort. Altair rode a chairlift on his way up the snowy mountain, only to find Vega seating next to him. A blizzard then came, and forced the lift to stop midway. This made Vega anxious, but Altair smoothly picked off a winter bloom and gave it to the frightened lady to try ease her tension. The two parted ways without Altair knowing Vega's name.

[edit] Locations & Stats

  • World Map (Ch 4)
  • Fort-Lune

[edit] Battle

[edit] Abilities

Name Description
Snowstorm Unleash a water-based attack to deal damage to all allies and enemies. This raises the level of snow on Snowcap and has a chance to cause freezing.
[All combatants]
Blizzaja Unleash a water-based magic attack to deal a tremendous amount of damage to all enemies.
[Multi-target] [Base Power: 120] [Damage: 3.6x]
Cave-In Lose a level of snow when receiving an attack.
Dispel Cancel the support effects regen, stop, reraise, as well as those that nullify status ailments, raise/lower stats, abate/nullify elements or make targets weaker to them.
Ice Fang Absorb an amount of HP equal to the damage dealt by a conventional attack and steal 3 BP.
Avalanche Release all level of snow to deal a tremendous amount of water-based damage to all enemies.

[edit] Trivia

Ba'al vi; Snowcap is based on a ski area. It may also be based on Mount Haku.

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