Ba'al v; Urchin

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Ba'al v; Urchin
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Kana 第五天魔王;雲丹
Romaji Daigoten Maō; Uni
Family Family (Insect).png
Drop(s) Unearthly Bun
Steal(s) Mythril Spear, Unearthly Bun
Weakness(es) Element (Light).png
Learning None

Ba'al v; Urchin is an enemy that appears in Bravely Second: End Layer. It also appears as a Nemesis in Magnolia's hometown, the Fort-Lune.


[edit] Appearance

Ba'al v; Urchin appears as a black, globular, spider-like insectoid with numerous spines on its back. The area above its forelegs, which seems like its head, has countless blue-green, luminescent orbs, and wavy patterns of the same tint can be found throughout its body. Its spines look like closed umbrellas designed with various, colorful flowers, and it also has four pairs of long, mechanical legs.

[edit] Story

Ba'al v; Urchin is the physical manifestation of Vega's memory of when she met Altair on a rainy day. Altair, who was gaining success as a researcher, was suddenly transferred to another research facility because of the jealousy of his superiors. In an attempt to get back at those who acted unjustly towards him, he rushed out into the acidic rain without protection, but was approached by a woman who was carrying an umbrella. This woman turned out to be Vega, and she was apparently working at the institution to where Altair was relocated. Believing this to be the work of fate, the two became acquainted under the little space the umbrella had covered.

[edit] Locations & Stats

  • Ba'al Crater (Ch 1)
  • World Map (Ch 4)
  • Fort-Lune

[edit] Battle

[edit] Abilities

Name Description
Sunny Day Call forth a Shadowcaster which uses Dark on a random enemy every time the copied character performs an action.
Cloudy Sky Unleash a dark-based physical attack on all targets that has a chance to cause blindness. Note that this attack cannot be reflected.
Downpour Unleash four powerful non-elemental attacks on all targets. Note that this attack cannot be reflected.
[Multi-target (random)]
Rainfall Deduct 9999 damage from all incoming attacks until your next action.

[edit] Trivia

Ba'al v; Urchin is based on a sea urchin. It also has elements of a hedgehog and a spider.

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