Ba'al v; Urchin

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Ba'al v; Urchin
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Kana 第五天魔王;雲丹
Romaji Daigoten Maō; Uni
Family Bug
Steal Normal: Mythril Spear
Golden +: Unearthly Bun
Weakness Light
Learning None
Designer Noro Držiak

Ba'al v; Urchin is a bug boss in Bravely Second: End Layer. It also appears as a Demon King in Magnolia's hometown, the Fort-Lune.

[edit] Appearance

Urchin is a black, globular, spiderish insectoid with numerous spines on its back. It has countless, bluish-green, luminescent eyes on what appears to be its head, and circular patterns of the same color throughout its body. The spines on its back appear like pine trees designed with various, colorful flowers. It also has four pairs of long, mechanical legs and another shorter pair on the front.

[edit] Locations

  • Ba'al Crater (Ch 1)
  • World Map (Ch 4)
  • Fort-Lune

[edit] Abilities

Name Description
Sunny Day Cause the sun to shine down on an enemy and call forth its shadow. The Shadowcaster uses Dark on a random enemy every time the copied character performs an action.
Cloudy Sky Unleash a dark-based physical attack on all enemies that has a chance to cause blind on each target.
Downpour Unleash four powerful non-elemental attacks that randomly target enemies. Note that this attack is not affected by reflect.
Rainfall Deduct 9999 damage from all incoming attacks until your next action.

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