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Ba'als (魔王, Maō) are enemies that appear in Bravely Default: Where the Fairy Flies and Bravely Second: End Layer, and are often considered "superbosses" for their godly power and vitality. Players first encountered them in the Norende Village restoration game in Bravely Default, and are explained further in the sequel. Ba'als are demon kings that first appeared in Luxendarc from somewhere a year before the events in Bravely Second, and were referred to as mysterious, giant organisms. They are revealed to be the vanguard of an invasion from the Celestial Realm.

[edit] Story

The Ba'als' true identity is revealed to be the memories of Vega with Altair.

[edit] Ba'als

Name Representation Appearances Location
Ba'al vi; Snowcap First meeting in the lift of a ski resort;
Snow mountain of memories
BS World Map (Ch 4), Fort-Lune
Ba'al v; Urchin Memories of a rainy day BS Ba'al Crater, World Map (Ch 4), Fort-Lune
Ba'al iv; Goldie Memories of summer festival BD, BS Norende Village, World Map (Chapter 4), Fort-Lune
Ba'al iii; Apparati Memories of working together BS World Map (Chapter 4), Fort-Lune
Ba'al ii; Redshirt Memories of a holy night BS World Map (Chapter 4), Fort-Lune
Ba'al i; Turtle Dove Memories of a wedding BD, BS Lontano Villa, World Map (Chapter 4), Fort-Lune
Diamante Memories of a ring BS Skyhold Diamante
Magnolia Arch, the last Ba'al Buster

[edit] Ba'al Buster

Ba'al Buster (魔王バスター, Maō Basutā) is a person from the moon who specializes in subduing Ba'als. Ba'al Busters have been fighting these organisms that came from somewhere since the distant past. They are experts who receive rigorous training to vanquish these demon kings. Magnolia Arch is the self-proclaimed last Ba'al Buster.

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