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Asterisk (アスタリスク, Asutarisuku) is a magical, semiprecious stone that appears in Bravely Default: Where the Fairy Flies and Bravely Second: End Layer. These stones govern the power of jobs and can grant the bearer with a particular job it possesses.

They are initially held by an Asterisk Holder and the player can acquire the stone upon their defeat. These characters are usually associated with an organization that aims to make a change in the world, and typically present themselves as enemies to the warriors of light. There are some who act independently, however, and serve more as challenges than villains.

The asterisk also has the power to summon a blue light (brownish in Bravely Second) stage, seen when fighting an Asterisk Holder.

There are 23 asterisks available in Bravely Default and 30 in Bravely Second.


[edit] Story

The asterisks were made by Sage Yulyana and was the keystone to his plot against the Crystal Orthodoxy.

Before, someone seeking a job would have to commune with the corresponding crystal. In addition to controlling access, the Orthodoxy profited from the requisite alms given to the temples which soon after flowed into the head temple's coffers. But the sage exposed this fraud and set a panic within high officials and Grand Patriarch. The sage then demonstrated the acquisition of job without the aid of the crystals and soon after presented the asterisk and its use to grant vocations. People who desire a job would secure permission from the Orthodoxy and pay a corresponding fee. Since the high officials only cared about the profits, they approved this new system and appointed the sage with its implementation.

Bringing with him the knowledge of asterisk craft, the sage abandoned his seat as archbishop, fled into the Yulyana Region and forever robbing the Orthodoxy over its control over jobs. The sage began to distribute the asterisks in secret to all who desired them, free of charge.

[edit] Lester DeRosso and Asterisks

Lord DeRosso suggests that, "Asterisks are sort of secret manual, housing within them the requisite knowledge and experience. In short, they are traditional training, distilled."

[edit] List of Asterisks

[edit] Introduced in Bravely Default

Asterisk Job Asterisk Holder Description
*Monk Monk Barras Lehr The asterisk for the monk job
*White Mage White Mage Holly Whyte The asterisk for the white mage job
*Black Mage Black Mage Ominas Crowe The asterisk for the black mage job
*Knight Knight Argent Heinkel The asterisk for the knight job
*Thief Thief Jackal The asterisk for the thief job
*Merchant Merchant Erutus Profiteur The asterisk for the merchant job
*Spell Fencer Spell Fencer Ciggma Khint The asterisk for the spell fencer job
*Time Mage Time Mage Eloch Quentis Khamer VIII The asterisk for the time mage job
*Ranger Ranger Artemia Venus The asterisk for the ranger job
*Summoner Summoner Mephilia Venus The asterisk for the summoner job
*Valkyrie Valkyrie Einheria Venus The asterisk for the valkyrie job
*Red Mage Red Mage Fiore DeRosa The asterisk for the red mage job
*Salve-Maker Salve-Maker Qada The asterisk for the salve-maker job
*Performer Performer Praline à la Mode The asterisk for the performer job
*Pirate Pirate Hayreddin Barbarossa The asterisk for the pirate job
*Ninja Ninja Konoe Kikyō The asterisk for the ninja job
*Swordmaster Swordmaster Nobutsuna Kamiizumi The asterisk for the swordmaster job
*Arcanist Arcanist Victoria F. Stein The asterisk for the arcanist job
*Spiritmaster Spiritmaster Victor S. Court The asterisk for the spiritmaster job
*Templar Templar Braev Lee The asterisk for the templar job
*Dark Knight Dark Knight Alternis Dim The asterisk for the dark knight job
*Vampire Vampire Lester DeRosso The asterisk for the vampire job
*Conjurer Conjurer Sage Yulyana The asterisk for the conjurer job

[edit] Introduced in Bravely Second

Asterisk Job Asterisk Holder Description
*Wizard Wizard Bella The asterisk for the wizard job
*Charioteer Charioteer Cú Chulainn The asterisk for the charioteer job
*Fencer Fencer Janne Angard The asterisk for the fencer job
*Bishop Bishop Nikolai Nikolanikov The asterisk for the bishop job
*Astrologian Astrologian Norzen Horoskoff The asterisk for the astrologian job
*Catmancer Catmancer Minette Napkatti The asterisk for the catmancer job
*Hawkeye Hawkeye Aimee Matchlock The asterisk for the hawkeye job
*Patissier Patissier Angelo OVO Panettone The asterisk for the patissier job
*Exorcist Exorcist Geist the Bloody The asterisk for the exorcist job
*Guardian Guardian Revenant Grace The asterisk for the guardian job
*Kaiser Kaiser Kaiser Oblivion The asterisk for the kaiser job
*Yōkai Yōkai Yōko The asterisk for the yōkai job

[edit] Gallery

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