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Asmodeus, Manifestation of Lust
Kana アスモデウス
Romaji Asumodeusu
Family Family (Aquatic).png
Drop(s) Elixir
Steal Turbo Ether
Weakness(es) Element (Water).pngElement (Wind).png
Genome Drain Thundaja
Learning None
Game appearance(s) BDFF, BSEL

Asmodeus is an optional enemy in Bravely Default: Where the Fairy Flies and Bravely Second: End Layer. It is one of the Seven Great Sins, and represents lust.


[edit] Appearance

Asmodeus appears as a cloaked figure with six serpents on its shoulders. Its gaseous body is enveloped in a black cloak that is red inside, and it has a pair of yellow-and-black eyes. It has a tall golden crown on top of its head, and two pairs of wings on its back. The serpents are attached from behind its head, and have red eyes and purple scales with a white underside. Below its head are several round lights that look a lot like its eyes, and attached at the end of its cloak is a tail, of the same color as the serpents, with a sharp-pointed tip.

[edit] Location & Stats

[edit] Bravely Default

[edit] Bravely Second

 Location(s): Southeast of the Yulyana Region after beating Yōko in the Vampire Castle
 Weak: Element (Water).pngElement (Wind).png  Family: Family (Aquatic).png  Max HP: 75000
 pg: 924  Exp: 4620  JP: 660
 Drop(s): Elixir  Steal: Turbo Ether  ATK: 247  DEF: 49  Aim: 99
 Genome Drain: Thundaja  M.ATK: 98  M.DEF: 49  Evade: 32
 Learning: None  INT: 49  MND: 49  SPD: 49

 Location(s): Southeast of the Yulyana Region after beating Yōko in the Vampire Castle
 Weak: Element (Water).pngElement (Wind).png  Family: Family (Aquatic).png  Max HP: 100000
 pg: 924  Exp: 4620  JP: 660
 Drop(s): Elixir  Steal: Turbo Ether  ATK: 330  DEF: 66  Aim: 103
 Genome Drain: Thundaja  M.ATK: 132  M.DEF: 66  Evade: 33
 Learning: None  INT: 66  MND: 66  SPD: 66

 Location(s): Southeast of the Yulyana Region after beating Yōko in the Vampire Castle
 Weak: Element (Water).pngElement (Wind).png  Family: Family (Aquatic).png  Max HP: 150000
 pg: 924  Exp: 4620  JP: 660
 Drop(s): Elixir  Steal: Turbo Ether  ATK: 495  DEF: 66  Aim: 106
 Genome Drain: Thundaja  M.ATK: 181  M.DEF: 82  Evade: 33
 Learning: None  INT: 82  MND: 82  SPD: 66

[edit] Battle

Asmodeus's strategy is unique in that its primary aim in battling is not to deal direct damage, but to deal damage through status ailments. Asmodeus can inflict a total of 8 status ailments, and while not all of them are meant to drain the characters' HP, most of them can still hinder the player from beating this sin beast. At first, its attacks will comprise of Hammer and Lust, which inflicts charm to all characters, but it will also use Call of the Infernal to send a character to the Infernal Realm and keep them out of battle. Initially, Asmodeus can only keep 2 characters out of battle at a time, but once its HP drops to around a quarter of its maximum HP, it can send all four characters to the Infernal Realm, which will result in a game over. It can use Thundaja and Venomous Sting (inflicts 6 status ailments) as well.

Asmodeus should be defeated as soon as possible, since Call of the Infernal is a very dangerous move. There is no way to cure nor prevent it, so focus on its other moves. One can easily stay safe from status ailments with the Astrologian's Status Barrier, and from the physical damage of Hammer and Venomous Sting with the Guardian's Soul Mirror. Asmodeus has a lower P.Def, so bring at least 2 physical attackers to deal damage. One can also give Asmodeus a taste of its own medicine by putting it to sleep, and prevent it from acting at all.

[edit] Abilities

Name Description
Lust Has a 50% chance to cause the status ailment charm in all enemies.
[All enemies]
Thundaja Unleash a lightning-based magic attack to deal a tremendous amount of damage to all enemies.
[All enemies] [Base Power: 120] [Damage: 3.6x]
Hammer Strike one enemy and deal twice the damage of a conventional attack.
[Single-target] [Damage: 2x]
Venomous Sting Deal the same damage as a conventional attack, but has a chance to cause the status ailments poison, blind, silence, paralyze, dread and confuse.
[Single-target] [Damage: 1x]
Call of the Infernal Send one enemy into the Infernal Realm and keep them out of battle. Using Release will send the character back into the battle, but put them in the charm state.

[edit] Gallery

[edit] Trivia

In Christian demonology, Asmodeus is a prince of Hell, while in the Book of Tobias, he is a demon king responsible for distorting the libido of people.

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