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Real life U's Diary sold at the Square Enix Store in Japan.

U's Diary (Uの手帳, U no Techō) is a key item held by Yew Geneolgia in Bravely Second: End Layer. Just like D's Journal, it houses important information on monsters and items he and his party come across. It also contains an event viewer and help manual. When Yew decided to go on a mission to save Agnès Oblige from Kaiser Oblivion's clutches, Alfred handed him this diary, which is apparently Yew's treasure and most prized possession of all.


[edit] Bestiary

Main Article: List of all enemies in Bravely Second

Yew keeps detailed notes on the creatures his party encounters. By defeating the same enemy several times, he can learn and write more pages with all sorts of trivia and useful information. The characters can also be seen jotting down their comments and opinions about each monster.

[edit] Item Guide

Main Article: List of all items in Bravely Second

In this section, an inventory of all items can be found. Consumables, weapons, armors and even accessories the party acquires in their journey are listed here, and short descriptions of the origin and effects of the several objects can be perused as well. Images of the weapons and shields are also available.

[edit] Miscellany

Main Article: Summoning (Bravely Second)

This section contains Mephilia's Memos, an account on all summons, a short description of their origin and clues to their respective locations.

It also holds Griede's Logs: a collection of Griede Geneolgia's notes on his family's history and on his past actions. They were given by Yōko.

[edit] Special Abilities

Main Articles: Catmancy, Cat Mastery and Bon Appétit

A list of all Catmancy and Cat Mastery abilities, and pastries. It also details the various effects of each ability, where they can be acquired and what items need to be consumed to use these abilities.

[edit] Help

[edit] Event Viewer

[edit] Gallery

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